Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heisman Watch: Round 2

Some interesting changes in the early-season Heisman Sweepstakes took place this week. Here's a look at the second week winners and losers:


Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
Week 2: 18 Carries, 168 Yards, 3TD. 3 Catches, 30 Yards.
This guy is obviously as good as everyone thought he would be, and apparently deserving of the preseason love-affair the national media had with him. Expect to see him on even more magazine covers as long as he continues to be a TD factory.

Todd Reesing, QB, Kansas
Week 2: 32/38, 412 Yards, 3TD, 0 INT.
The completion percentage, total yards, and TD/INT ratio are no joke, even against Louisiana Tech. Reesing set the tone for what was the Week of the Big 12 Quarterback.

Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri
Week 2: 16/17, 245 Yards, 3TD, 0 INT.
Chillingly efficient as only 16 completions produced 3 touchdowns. And he only played for one-and-a-half quarters.

Sam Bradford, QB, Oaklahoma
Week 2: 29/38, 396 Yards, 5TD, 2 INT.
Young Bradford goes Boomer Sooner all over Cincy's face, but the 2 picks take some of the shine off his 5 TD's.

Jahvid Best, RB, California
Week 2: 24 Carries, 200 Yards, 3 TD.
Best emerges after a beastly performance in week 2. His stat line looks like 2007 Adrian Peterson shiz.

Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
Week 2: 21/35, 256 Yards, 2TD, 0 INT. 13 Carries, 55 Yards.
Teabow had a heavier workload in week two, but the completion percentage and rushing efficiancy are fairly pedestrian by his standards.


Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Week 2: 7 Rec., 158 Yards, 1TD.
Another week, another TD for Crabtree. Lets see if he can live up to the TD-every-game prediction I made about him.

Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB, Ohio State
Week 2: DNP
Many would consider a missed game a big blow to a Heisman hopefull. However, I don't think a second-week game against Ohio is going to make or break a season. Being fully-healthy for a prime-time matchup with idle USC could be a restatement that Beanie wants to get paid.

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Week 2: DNP
An off week for USC before a huge matchup with Ohio St, and they still take the #1 spot in the poll anyways, so I guess Sanchez is just that good even when he doesn't play.


Pat White, QB, West Virginia
Week 2: 11/18, 72 Yards, 0 TD, 0INT. 20 Carries, 97 Yards.
After a spectacular start to the season, White shat the bed like Marwan after eating Chipolte. Losing to an unranked opponent makes this all the worse.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Week 2: 2 Catches, 20 Yards. 3 Punt Returns, 34 Yards.
Maclin failed to score or even make much of an impact against a SEMO team that he should have lit up like a wet fart. He needs to make an impact in the passing game as well as special teams to take any votes away from his own QB, much less any other candidate.

Monday, September 8, 2008

College Football Wrap-Up

We are now done with the first 2 weeks of the college football season. After two weeks of relatively uninspiring matchups, it appears as if the preseason is about over. This week we get the huge USC-OSU matchup and SEC conference play begins in earnest. Before we get around to previewing a massive weekend of action, lets take a look back at how things shook out in week 2 around the country.

Team of the Week: East Carolina Pirates

The Pirates are honestly the team of the year so far, scoring two huge upsets over teams from the Virginias. This week's win over West Virginia was especially impressive, considering they stopped a heisman contender for a top-10 team the week after an emotional victory. The Pirates have always had good talent, see David Garrard and Chris Johnson, and now with a good coach in Sthkip Holthz, they have definitely become the best team in the Carolinas and could possibly win the ACC if they were in that league. People hyped up the Mormons from Provo as the BCS crashers, but it sure looks as if the Greenville Geechies have the edge on any team from outside the big 6 at the moment.

Player of the Week: Knowshon Moreno

Quite frankly, Moreno is the most explosive running back in the nation at the moment. Every time he touches the ball he is a threat to score, and he also has the strength and endurance to be an every down back for the Bulldogs. Consider that on 27 carries this season, Moreno already has 6 touchdowns, which means he scores a TD 22 percent of the time he gets the ball. He helped lead Georgia to a dominating victory over a bowl team and has them primed for success in the face of the most daunting schedule in the nation.

Wack Sauce Team of the Week: Ohio State Buckeyes

Yeah I know West Virginia and their annoying fans took a huge L this week, but even that wasn't as embarrasing as the performance The Ohio State (of losing big games) University put forth against lowly Ohio. The Buckeyes were only up 5 in the 4th when they scored a punt return aided by a block in the back to secure a victory. Their offense was slow and uninspired and there appeared to be no athleticism anywhere on the field. For a team that cries so much about being disrespected and how nobody thinks they are any good, they sure didn't convert many people to their cause this week. I guess their fans can hope that they were just looking ahead to USC, but between lackluster effort and an injury to Beanie Wells, their struggles may very well be more endemic of a team once again ranked higher than they should be.

Wet Bearded Clam of the Week: This week's honor goes to Jimmy Clausen. This loser was a supposed 5-star recruit who arrived at Notre Dame in a limo and basically thinks of himself as god's gift to football. In reality, he's a weak-armed overrated whiner who built his reputation by beating weak competition at a joke of a school in California who has done nothing but underachieve and embarrass himself at Notre Dame by throwing interceptions to people on teams like San Diego State. Its the arrogance and pomposity of Clausen and his coach Charlie Weis that have made Notre Dame a laughingstock in college football. At any other program he'd be 4th string by now, but instead this dope with a face of an emu, the arm of a girl and the attitude of a spoiled superstar continues to make an ass of himself each week he suits up.

Wild Bidge Action of the Week: To the homegirl who serviced her man on the mountain at the Texas-UTEP game, GDB salutes you. Not only did you console your boy who was suffering through an ass whooping, but you also got Bob Davie to become excited and circle your supple thrusting motion, way to go girl!!!

Top 10 Recap and GDB Rankings:

1. USC - Idle. They didn't play this week, but if they had they would have won so convincingly that they surely deserved to pick up the 20 votes in the AP poll that they did this week. Only at USC. Next Week - Ohio State

2. Georgia - Defeated Central Michigan 56-17. Good performance for the Dawgs, who now go on back to back road trips to South Carolina and Arizona State. Next Week - @ South Carolina

3. Oklahoma - Defeated Cincinnati 52-26. Another huge day for Sam Bradford (5 TD Passes). Its quite unfair how little attention is paid to this guy, who is putting up even better numbers that Tim Tebow had through the same point in his career. Next Week - @ Washington

4. Missouri - Defeated SE Missouri State 52-0. The team with the best offense in the nation also gets a great effort from their defense, which makes this team downright scary. Next Week - Nevada

5. Florida - Defeated Miami 26-3. Deceiving score because Florida was only up by 6 going into the 4th quarter. Huge concern that there still is no real running back to take the pressure off of Tebow. Next Week - Idle

6. LSU - Bye week because of Hurricane Gustav. Bigger problem is that Hurricane Ike may cause this week's game to be cancelled too, which would mean the Tigers would have to play 12 weeks in a row after that (good luck). Next Week - North Texas

7. Ohio State - Defeated Ohio 26-14. Buckeye fans better hope their team was saving the kitchen sink for the Trojans or else it could get really ugly on the west coast this Saturday. Next Week - @ USC
8. Auburn - Defeated Southern Miss. 27-13. Tigers beat a pretty damn good team, and the longer the season goes on the better that offense is going to get. Next Week - @ Miss. State

9. Wisconsin - Defeated Marshall 51-14. Best running game in the nation will get a severe test this weekend at Fresno State. Next Week - @ Fresno State

10. Texas - Defeated UTEP 42-13. I still think this team is overrated, but an impressive victory for the Horns in a very hostile environment. Next Week - Arkansas

Thank Brett Favre?

According to a recent report from Velo News, Lance Armstrong will come out of retirement to race in the 2009 Tour de France.

According to an anonymous source close to Armstrong, the seven-time Tour champ will race for absolutely no pay.

It appears that Armstrong will ride for Astana, a team that currently employs both Johan Bruyneel and Dirk Demol, formerly executives of Armstrong's previous team, Discovery Channel.

The Velo News report also states that Armstrong plans to post all testing of blood samples online in an effort to make anti-doping measures fully transparent.

Armstrong, a Texas native, turns 37 this year.