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Wisdom From The Sports Guy Writer Bill Simmons is one of the most polarizing sports writers on the internet. Sometimes he can be extremely irritating...especially when he's blabbing about how good his Boston teams are. Sometimes he can be insightful and highly entertaining. Today he has an article that shows off some of his best writing skills. It's about how NFL Pre-game shows have completely sold out. I strongly reccommend checking this one out.

AFC Divisional Playoff Preview

Here we go folks. The two greatest teams of the past decade playing at home against an upstart squad from Florida and the biggest enigma in the NFL. Lets do it.

Jacksonville at New England
How Jacksonville got here: The Jaguars combined the most physical style of play in the NFL with the talents of emering quarterback David Garrard to reach double-digits in wins, and then dispose of the Steelers for the second time this year to earn a trip to New England.
How New England got here: Tom Brady and Randy Moss broke scoreboards all season and led the Pats to the greatest regular season in NFL History. They also cheated.
3 Strengths of Jacksonville:
1. Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are the most versatile tandem of running backs in the NFL. Between these two, Jacksonville has become much more reliable and diversified on offense as the season has moved on.
2. David Garrard has become a very good quarterback. While he didnt play that great last week, he got it done when he had to, leading his team down the field of the dying minutes of the game to ensure victory. There's only about 5 or 6 other qb's in the league you'd be confident in leading their team on a game-winning drive like Garrard did last week.
3. Even without Marcus Stroud and Mike Peterson, the Jaguars can still shut down any running game in the league. They are physical and mean and can dictate the entire game if they are playing their game they are capable of.
3 Strengths of New England:
1. You can't think of New England without beginning with Tom Brady. Simply the greatest quarterback in the game today, he can make every throw he needs to while at the same time being content to take what opposing defenses give him.
2. Simply put, Randy Moss against any cornerback is always the biggest mismatch in the game. He is bigger, faster and more physical when he wants to be than anyone he's up against. And every time the Pats have needed him in a big game, he's shown up and made the plays.
3. The only team close to the Pats experience and confidence is the Colts. This team knows what it takes to win in the playoffs and is completely focused on capping off their undefeated season with a Super Bowl victory.
3 Weaknesses of Jacksonville:
1. Against a Bill Belichick defense, you have to make them cover the entire field. If not, he will gang up on one area of your attack until its shut down. The Jags still don't really have the recievers to keep the Pats secondary honest, which probably means Taylor and MJD will have to run it against 8 defenders in the box every play.
2. Reggie Nelson is going to be a great safety. But he is only a rookie going up against the greatest group of receivers in the NFL. Every other secondary has been torched by the Pats, so Swole is afraid of what Moss and co. will do to the young rook.
3. Last year, Jacksonville came into New England with a similar team and promptly got blown out of the building. While they have improved, obviously so have the Pats. Its going to take a monumental effort to beat the Pats, and its questionable if the Jags have the horses to get it done.
3 Weaknesses of New England:
1. Young Swole is not sold on Laurence Maroney. He's had some good games, but if he was really that good, don't you think Belichick would rely on him more, especially late in the season? Its doubtful he gets much done on the Jags front 7.
2. No team has ever had greater pressure on them to win a title than the Pats do this year. While its doubtful the team will be very affected by it, maybe they would get a little tight in a close game and make some uncharacteristic errors.
3. Rodney Harrison is a punk ass bitch. When he isnt cheap shotting players, he's either whining to the refs or getting toasted by a wide reciever. Young Swole honestly doesn't hate the Pats as much as a lot of other people do, but he does hate Rodney Harrison. Its too bad Darryl Stingley had to be paralyzed instead of this chump.
Player to watch for the Jags:
It has to be David Garrard. The Jags are going to need a lot of points in this game and he's going to have to turn in a great performance to keep it close. If he plays like he did last week in Pittsburgh, Brady is going to be back in the locker room impregrating Giselle by the 3rd quarter.
Player to watch for the Pats:
Kyle Eckel. If this guy is in the game, turn your TV off and go find another way to spend your saturday night.
Young Swole Prediction
There's only one team that can beat the Pats this season, and it ain't the Jags. The Pats simply do not lose at home in the playoffs with Tom Brady behind center. Young Sweezy hopes the Jags can keep it close because he really likes how this team plays so physically, but his hopes for a competitive game are pretty small. Pats get up early and cruise into the AFC Championship. Pats win 35-13
San Diego at Indianapolis
How San Diego got here: The Chargers looked the least impressive of any of last weekend's winners while going up against the worst team in the playoffs. For a roster with so much talent, they sure do underachieve even in the games they win.
How Indianapolis got here: The Colts overcame more injuries than any team in the NFL to still secure a first round bye. Ever since the Pats beat them in Week 9, they have been an afterthought around the league, which is a dangerous thing to do with a team this good.
3 Strengths of San Diego:
1. LaDanian Tomlinson. The greatest running back in the game has the talent to carry this team on his back to victory on any given sunday. And he's historically had huge games against the Colts in the Hoosier Dome.
2. The Chargers have the edge rushers to pressure Peyton Manning. If you give Peyton time to find his recievers, its a wrap. Lights Out and Sean Phillips have the skill and athleticism to throw off the rhythm of Manning, which is really the only way to force a mistake out of him.
3. For some reason, the Chargers are comfortable against Indy. Ever since Young Swole can remember, they have had big time success against the Colts, especially LT. They know what it feels like to beat this team, and despite being the underdog in this game, will fully think they can pull this one out.
3 Strengths of Indianapolis.
1. Even giving up 2 punt return touchdowns, Manning throwing 6(!) interceptions and Vinatieri turning into Scott Norwood, they should have beaten the Chargers earlier this year. No team has as much confidence in their role players and backups than the Colts do, a testament to their coaching and preparation.
2. It shocks The Swole One how much Indy's defense has improved. A lot of this can be attributed to Bob "I will gut you with a knife" Sanders, but so many other players have improved this year as well that they have become a complete defense.
3. Peyton Manning is still in town, Reggie Wayne is still in town, Joseph Addai is still in town. That means Indy's offense will once again be the best unit on the field.
3 Weaknesses of San Diego:
1. For how unproven he is, Philip Rivers sure does talk a lot of shit. He has made his career by basically turning around to give the ball to LT or throwing it 6 yards to Antonio Gates and letting him do the work, yet he still bitches at recievers and coaches as if he's Joe Montana. Nothing would make Young Swole happier than to see the Colts defense treat Rivers like Colt Brennan got treated in the Sugar Bowl by the UGA defense. Where's your messiah now Phil?
2. Last year the Chargers offensive line was one of the best in this league. And now they can't open a hole for LT against the Titans? Its amazing how they can no longer get any downfield push against a defensive line. If they can't open up space for LT in this game, its ballgame.
3. If Antonio Gates doesn't play this week, its a crippling loss for the Chargers. A cover-2 defense is most vulnerable to a big-play tight end, since most time he will be guarded by a linebacker. If Gates can't go, there's no one to stretch the field and make Bob Sanders cover. If he's free to come up and play the run, LT won't get more than 50 yards.
3 Weaknesses of the Colts:
1. Manning has struggled the most in his career against 3-4 defenses. 2 years ago Pittsburgh shut them down. Last year the Pats forced some huge turnovers against them. This year? Its San Diego's turn to see if they can confuse him with a bunch of diferent fronts and blitzes.
2. While the Colts have not been bothered by too much with the injury to Marvin Harrison, he's going to need to be there for them in the playoffs because he is such a reliable option for Manning. Young Swole will believe 88 is healthy when he sees it, until then he has no trust in Anthony Gonzalez.
3. Young Porque is huge Colts fan. This is the equivalent of having Richard Simmons the number 1 fan of your respective team. Its disrespectful to the Colts to have this chump root for them, and they might lose this on purpose just to get Porque off their backs for a few months.
Player to watch for the Chargers:
Antonio Gates. If he plays, Rivers has his number one option back and LT will have less defenders to run against. If he doesnt play, Rivers has to rely on bums like Vincent Jackson and Brandon Manemaleuna and LT will have to run against 8 defenders every play.
Player to watch for the Colts:
Ryan Diem and Tony Ugoh. If the Colts tackles can keep Shawne and Shaun away from Peyton, the Colts should be able to score points and control the game.
Young Swole's Prediction
Young Sweezy honestly doesnt see this game being very close. The Chargers have a bitch-made quarterback, a weak running game and a propensity to start slowly. The Colts have gotten rested up and will be the healthiest they have been in months. Look for Manning to start really fast, and Rivers to throw some interceptions and the rout to be on. Colts win 41-10.

Alone on a Giant Island

I respect my colleagues' opinions. Picking all of the home teams is the safe and possibly smart way to pick, but I like being the devil's advocate. Sure, I could see all of the Higher Seeds winning comfortably, but I sense that the two NFC games could be close, if not upsets. I'm going to focus on the Giants/Cowboys game since that's the underdog that I picked. I know what you're saying, the Cowboys won both matchups this year, but let's take a closer look at both meetings. In Week 1, in Dallas, it was a shootout the entire game, and the 'Boys didn't pull away until Eli Manning got hurt in the 4th quarter. In the second game, Eli played like absolute garbage and the G-Men still only trailed by four midway through the 4th quarter. Well Eli has been playing lights out (as lights out as he's capable of) over the past month and he will be play much better in this contest. If he can limit his mistakes like he did last week against a better Tampa Bay Defense (No Interceptions) the Giants will be in great shape. In both games, Dallas was fully healthy at all the main skill positions. While T.O. tells us to get our popcorn ready because it's going to be a show for this game and insists that he will play, he's not going to be 100 percent. Without their main receiving threat, Dallas still has a lot of options, but it's tough to replace one of the most physical receivers in NFL history. Another X factor for New York is Brandon Jacobs. He wasn't fully healthy in either game. Week 1, he was out early on because of a knee injury and it caused him to miss 4 weeks of action. When he returned against the Cowboys in the second meeting, he wasn't at full strength. I see him being very effective on the ground as he has been when healthy this year. I don't think 110 yards and 2 Touchdowns is out of the question. Don't get me wrong, the Cowboys are the better team on paper, but the better team doesn't always win. I think the hotter team is going to pull this one out. I predict New York edges out Dallas this week 35-31.

Friday, January 11, 2008

NFC Divisional Playoff Preview

Big weekend of football here kids, so its time to preview the NFC games GDB style

Seattle at Green Bay
How Seattle got here: The Seahawks fought off a pesky Redskins team and ended up winning by a comfortable margin. They didn't exactly inspire too much confidence for this week's game though, since they still were trailing into the 4th quarter.
How Green Bay got here: The well-documented resurgence of Brett Favre and the little-documented emergence of Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant, who both played at Pro Bowl levels all year but are still unknowns because of the media's infatuation with Old Number 4. Plus, that defense matured into a very solid and reliable unit.
3 Strengths of Seattle:
1. Seattle has the deepest receiving corps in the NFC. Even though Deion Branch was out last week, they still had DJ Hackett, Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson to turn to. They are going to need to score some points this week so they will have to take advantage of this wealth of talent.
2. Seattle's linebackers are the fastest this side of Indy. When you combine the intelligence of Lofa Tatupu, the speed of Leroy Hill and the playmaking ability of Julian Peterson, you have damn near the best linebacking group in the NFL.
3. Seattle knows Green Bay. Holmgren knows what makes Favre tick. He also knows how to play in Lambeau in January which will help the Seahawks to not be intimidated by the cold weather and mystique of Lambeau Field.
3 Strengths of Green Bay:
1. Ryan Grant. It's amazing how much credit Brett Favre gets for the work Green Bay running backs do behind him. Its no surprise that the Packers greatest success during the Favre era was while they had excellent running back play, from Dorsey Levens to Ahman Green and now Grant, who emerged out of nowhere to make this a complete team
2. Green Bay's defense is steadily improving. Ted Thompson did a great job of reconstructing a woebegone unit from a few years ago. Now he has solid edge rushers and run defense as well as two of the better cover cornerbacks left in the playoffs.
3. Green Bay's home field advantage is still there. Nothing descibes the identity of the Packers more than cold games in January. While it may not affect the Seahawks as much as other teams, it will inspire and energize the Packers to play at a higher level.
3 Weaknesses of Seattle:
1. Oh where have you gone Shaun Alexander. While he was never the fastest running back in the league, it is painfully obvious that he has lost his lateral movement and quickness to hit the cutback holes that are so important in the Seahawks zone running. It's sad to see how far and quickly he has fallen.
2. Matt Hasselbeck still makes stupid plays. There was no excuse for his interception in the fourth quarter, and if Todd Collins doesn't give up 2 housecalls to the Seahawks defense, we may be criticizing Hasselbeck a lot more. Plus we all rememeber his dopey proclamation of Seahawk victory before giving up his own housecall to the Dreadlocked Al Harris
3. Josh Brown, you are still a pussy. Any kicker that needs to wear battery powered leg warmers cannot be trusted to make a big kick this week. If you were afraid of being cold, you should have played baseball in Venezuela, bitch.
3 Weaknesses of Green Bay:
1. Not only is Youth and Young Manhood an awesome CD by the Kings of Leon, it can also describe Green Bay's collective playoff experience. Most of the players on this team have never been in the playoffs, which could lead to some tight sphincters early in this contest.
2. Brett Favre has the chance to kill his team on every drop back. While he has been effective at avoiding the killer interception this year, he wouldnt be Brett Favre if he didnt scare you to death at least 3 times in this game with mind-boggling decisions. He better not make any bad throws around Marcus Trufant, just ask Todd Collins.
3. If Charles Woodson can not be effective in this game, the Packers lose their best defensive player. And with Seattle's array of wide receiving talent, his role is magnified in trying to shut them down. For the Seahawks, passing will be easy if there is no Charles Weezy.
Player to watch for the Seahawks:
Matt Hasselbeck. He didnt look very impressive against the Skins last week, and he will need to be much improved for Seattle to have a chance. This means no stupid turnovers, and accurate and timely passing all day since he probably won't have much of a running game to fall back on.
Player to watch for the Packers:
Charles Woodson. If he can play, and play well, the Packers defense becomes infinitely better. He is such a smart cover corner that he has the potential to shut down an entire half of the field, which would severely limit Hasselbeck's options.
Young Swole Prediction:
Seattle did not impress the Swole One at all last week, and Green Bay has had time to heal and prepare for a one-dimensional offense. Look for Green Bay to come out fast, force a few turnovers and lean on Ryan Grant in the 2nd half to ensure victory. Packers win 27-17
NY Giants at Dallas Cowboys
How the Giants got here: Eli Manning didn't do much last week, but he did not lose the game either. The Giants defense was also impressive and now faces an offense that while they are familiar with, have not been able to stop all that well in their 2 games so far this year.
How the Cowboys got here: For most of the season, they looked like the team to beat in the NFC. December was not kind however, as the Cowboys limped into the playoffs with some shaky performances and ill-timed injuries to important contributors.
3 Strengths of the Giants:
1. Its amazing what happens when the Giants make Brandon Jacobs the focus of the offense. Not only does he wear opponents down with his physicality, but he also makes things much easier for Eli Manning by keeping him out of 3rd and Longs and making the defense press up to stop the run.
2. Plaxico Burress has been dominant in both games this year against the Cowboys. He is too big for Terrence Newman and too fast for Anthony Henry to cover. He provides a huge target for Eli, and should be able to get behind the human matador known as Roy Williams with much ease, as he did in both games this year.
3. The Giants will not be intimidated. Even though they lost in both matchups to the Cowboys, you can guarantee they won't be scared of the 'Boys. This is a team that loves the spotlight, which means they play up in the big games, like this weekend.
3 Strengths of the Cowboys:
1. The Cowboys running game has been vastly overlooked this year. With Terrell Owens possibly hampered by his ankle injury, this running game may have to become the focal point of the Cowboys attack. Marion Barber is an absolute truck and if given the ball enough, could wear down the Giants smallish front seven.
2. The Cowboys rush defense has also been pretty effective all year. Whoever wins the matchup of the Giants offensive line against the Cowboys D Line probably wins this game, and the Boys definitely have the potential to dominate the point of attack.
3. Swole doesnt know why people still think Wade Phillips is a bad coach. He led a mediocre Bills team to the playoffs and should have beaten the Titans, he made the Chargers defense into one of the most fearsome in the league, and has now helped the Cowboys mature into a complete team in 2007. He may not be Bill Belichick, but he aint Tom Coughlin either.
3 Weaknesses of the Giants:
1. The Swole One is not sold on Eli Manning after one playoff win and probably never will be to be honest with you. He's had success against the Cowboys secondary in the past, but its hard to believe the Giants can pull out the win if Eli has to be the one to lead them there.
2. The Giants defense has been awful against the Cowboys this year. The Boys have the linemen to neutralize their speed rush and the downfield weapons to take advantage of the Giants weak corners.
3. Its going to be hard to bring the same intensity the Giants have the last 2 weeks. Yeah its a playoff game, but look at what happened to the Skins last week, they looked completely worn out by the end of that game both mentally and physically. If NY gets down by 2 touchdowns in the 2nd half, I could see the same thing happen to them as what happened to the Skins last week.
3 Weaknesses of the Cowboys:
1. Their is no bigger fraud in the NFL than Roy Williams. Jerry Jones should have either made him a linebacker or taken him out to pasture and shot him years ago. He gives up huge plays every week and is almost constantly out of position. Look for the Giants to throw deep and for Plaxico to have another field day against Ol' Roy.
2. For some reason, the Cowboys start with Julius Jones with Marion Barber on the bench. It is strikingly obvious that Barber is the much better runner of the two, and yet his potential impact on the game is limited because of the presence of Julius Jones and the 10-15 carries he gets every game.
3. Young Swole doesnt really see the point of this whole Romo controversy. Seriously, what NFL quarterback isnt fucking some absolute dime piece every day of the week. Even bums like Brodie Croyle pull in ridiculous trim, so why is Romo somehow different than everyone else. Jessica Simpson's axe wound can't be that good. If a loser like Nick Lachey waited around while she preached abstinence, got married to the bitch, and then subsequently dropped her like a McDonalds wrapper on the side of the highway, she can't be that good. I don't see how this could turn Tony Romo into Jim Sorgi, but maybe i'm underestimating the pussy of a bad singer who's obviously still fucking her dad on the side.
Player to watch for the Giants:
Brandon Jacobs. If he is the focal point of the offense, then the Giants can definitely win this game. If he is an afterthought in the game plan, then the Giants are Texas Toast.
Player to watch for the Cowboys:
Terrell Owens. Young Swole finds it funny how 2 years ago, TO couldn't take a shit without ESPN making it newsworthy. Now that he is the 2nd best reciever in the NFL and has been a solid citizen in Dallas, he doesnt even get mentioned despite the seriousness of his ankle injury. If he's not 100 percent the Cowboys offense is severely limited, because it takes away the space for Jason Witten to operate in the middle of the field. Somehow, this isnt more of story, but then again I dont write the news, Walt Disney does.
Young Swole's Prediction
Despite Terrell Owens not being able to play at 100 percent, and the manufactured controversy that is Tony Romo's love life, Young Sweezy feels the Cowboys have too much for the Giants this week. Eli actually played good in both their matchups this year and the Giants still lost. Maybe they can steal a W if Brandon Jacobs has a God-King performance, but it just seems like the Cowboys have way too many weapons to lose this week. Cowboys win 34-24

GDB Conference Semifinal Picks

Here are the lines for this week's NFL Playoff games...

4:30 pm- Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers (-7 1/2)
8 pm- Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots (-13 1/2)
1 pm- San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts (-9 1/2)
4:30 pm- New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (-7 1/2)

Young Cicero
Packers over Seahawks
Patriots over Jaguars
Colts over Chargers
Cowboys over Giants

Young Porque
Packers over Seahawks
Patriots over Jaguars
Colts over Chargers
Cowboys over Giants

Young Knuckleballer
Packers over Seahawks
Patriots over Jaguars
Colts over Chargers
Giants over Cowboys

Young Swole
Packers over Seahawks
Patriots over Jaguars
Colts over Chargers
Cowboys over Giants

And once again...the Knuckler is the only one going out on a limb...hopefully T.O. breaks his fibula

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hockey has as much Credibility as Cricket

Washington Capitals Prodigy Alexander Ovechkin signed a Contract Extension for 13 years, $124 Billion...what's that you say? It's only 124 Million dollars? Well, it might as well be a billion based on the idiocy of this deal. Sure Ovechkin is one of the sickest young talents in the National Hockey League, but based on the state of the sport (just 3 years removed from a huge lockout that crippled the fanship of the game), this could be a monumental mistake for one of the more recognizable franchises. The NHL has no major network deal to increase viewership and numerous franchises are struggling to avoid bankruptcy. You'd think the Caps would have learned from the incredibly ridiculous 15 year deal given to NY Islanders Goalie Rick DiPietro just over a year ago. I can understand wanting to lock up a great player, but what happens if he suffers a career threatening injury, which is not ludicrous to assume (this is hockey not Ping Pong). Sure Alexander the Great could go on to reach Wayne Gretzky proportions, but it's still too early to tell. The kid is only 22, so that means by the end of this deal he will be 35, a dinosaur in hockey years. This isn't a huge surprise, some of the dumbest minds in all of sports work in the NHL, led by the King of the fools, Commissioner Gary Bettman. And you thought the A Rod Contract was nuts. At least he's playing for one of the Richest Franchises in Professional Sports. Chances are much better that this could kill the sport then help it. If Ovechkin is getting 124 mill, can we expect Sidney Crosby to rake in 200? After seeing this, I wouldn't be shocked.

The Only Way to Stop Darren McFadden is to Cuff Him

Well, at least that is what police in Little Rock must be thinking. The star RB and Heisman Trophy runner-up was the only one detained after an altercation at a piano bar early Thursday morning.

Outside, McFadden was handcuffed by a police officer "because he was agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident," according to the
police report.

"We handcuffed him for a few minutes because he was rowdy," Hastings said. McFadden, who was the only person handcuffed, was released after he calmed down. Hastings said it was routine procedure to handcuff a person to gain control of a situation.

McFadden's mother, Mini Muhammad, said her son was trying to protect his younger brother, Daryl.

"He wasn't the one that was fighting. It was his little brother -- someone had jumped on him," Muhammad said. "He was agitated because his brother had a bloody nose."

"Darren was not fighting -- please make that be known," she

So let me get this straight... you almost won the Heisman Trophy twice, you are an All-American RB likely to go in the top 3 of the NFL draft next year, gonna make millions of dollars next year and slang even MORE SEC (and better) poon next year... and you STILL DIDN'T LEARN ANYTHING FROM WHAT HAPPENED WITH PACMAN JONES?!?! WE DON'T SCREW UP OUR LIVES BY GETTING IN STUPID BAR FIGHTS!!! If I were in D Fad's shoes, and my little brother was causing problems, I'd probably beat the shit out of him and tell him not to screw up my shit.

I'm not sure what I find more amusing with this story, that his mother is attempting to stress to everyone her Darren was not the one fighting (or, as I heard it, "Please don't ruin my meal ticket!") or the fact that McFadden's mother is named Mini Muhammad. Just perpetuating the cycle... that's all I'm sayin.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

GDB Role Play

Props to PTI for comin' up with this outstanding weekly bit. This is the part of the show where we pose questions to two of our experts who will pretend to be famous newsworthy figures. Without further ado, let's bring in our resident panelists Young Swole and Cicero who will be role playing with Faces on Popsicle Sticks.

Young are Tony Romo

Question: Shouldn't you be doing more pre-game preparation for your upcoming game against the New York Giants?

You know, i thought about that last week. And then I realized i could be fucking Jessica Simpson from the back instead so you know what happened? The playbook stayed in Dallas and i went to Cabo! Plus, I couldn't take the chance of leaving Jessica alone with her father, there's something creepy about that dude...

Young are Roger Clemens
A 60 Minutes interview is one thing, but Congress? How are you going to make the case that you are innocent?
Well, I’m coming right to the fans, to the nation, and telling them straight up that I have never used performance enhancing drugs and that all of these allegations are just false. Brian McKamee has somehow gotten me involved in this because he was under the gun, under lots of pressure from the Mitchell investigation to name names, and he was my trainer for a period. So I’m not sure what he was thinking there. He did inject me yes, partly because I like the feelings of things penetrating my backside, but also because all that lidocane and B-12 and B-6 and B-4 and B-After make me feel better after I go out and throw ninety-five mile-an-hour fastballs all day long, just like I did twenty-five years ago, and it’s like I haven’t aged a day, its amazing…But that’s not what is important now is it…heh heh. Point is, its my word against his, and he has no proof to show this (I hope), so I’m just going to let the record speak for itself (unless the record comes out against me in which case I will dispute it). are Pete Carroll
Q: You have built an NCAA Powerhouse at USC...would you really leave all that for the pitiful Atlanta Falcons knowing that you have free reign?
of course i'm leaving. i'm not guaranteeing i'm going to the falcons but i am going pro and you know why? Because even if i screw up at the pro level again, every college in america will fire their head coach and hire me when i come back. I'm going to get that NFL cash, and then become the highest paid coach of all time when i come back to college, say perhaps at FSU or Penn State when those old has-beens retire there.

Cicero: you are Eric Gordon
Q: You have been ballin' all year long, but it's been against weak sauce are the Hoosiers for real?
Of course. First of all, big ups to GDB nation, many thousands of whom are loyal Hoosier fans. Second of all, Kelvin Sampson knows how to coach. He also knows how to text. That’s how he got me here to IU, we used to text back and forth like mo’fo’s during episodes of “The Hills” and been tight ever since. But yeah, just look at the weapons we have in Bloomington: DJ White, double-doubles in 10 of his last 11, and the D-Train bid DeAndre Thomas showing some soft hands to go with that big body. JaMarcus Ellis and Jordan Crawford are extra scoring options who know how to play unselfish basketball. We have the veteran leadership of Stemler and Ratliff. Long story short…The Hoosiers are back. And with the sick recruits coming to campus next year, like Devin Ebanks, Terrell Holloway, and Matt Roth, they won’t even miss me. I’ll be producing just like I do now, just at a higher level, for a whole lot more money. are Hillary Clinton

Q: Everyone and their brother counted you out of the Presidential race after you lost the Iowa Caucus, but you've turned things around and now have the same number of victories as Young Obama. How does it feel to get that Dubya.

I feel great! This little fad with Obama has faded away and people are now realizing that I am the person that can bring change. Don't let those yokels in Iowa fool you, all of america knows that I am the baddest bitch ever to step foot in the white house. Don't cross Hillary F. Clinton or i will end you. are Barack Obama

Q: You were riding on top of the world, but how are you feeling now that you've lost a state that polls predicted you had locked up just 48 hours ago?
A: Well…it’s a great thing really. Two weeks ago, I was losing by close to twenty points. So coming back like that, and winning in Iowa last week, just shows that the people are ready for the type of change that only I am prepared to bring (Show huge cheesy grin). I don’t know if you have noticed, but I’m raising money a heck of a lot faster than any of the other candidates out there, mostly from small and first-time donors, another great sign that I have the support of the American people. We are headed into a tough string of primaries, but the surge of support for my candidacy over the past month is a great sign that change is coming.

The Devil Wears Fake Prada

As any of the 683,200 members of Facebook's "Stop Hillary Clinton: One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary" can tell you, there is still a ways to go towards achieving the ultimate goal. I suppose for those people, it would be 316, 800 more members and a lot more work now that the Clinton machine has reared its ugly head in New Hampshire, clutching victory from the jaws of defeat. This was especially surprising considering that pre-election polls suggested Obama would win by 7 points or more. "How," you might ask, "does this happen?" Well probably the same way they seemed to get things wrong over and over again 8 years ago when the pollsters made more mistakes than
Young Swole did in his 2008 NCAA Football predictions.

So did Hillary's eleventh-hour tears save her? The possibility that Obama or Edwards supporters realized at the last moment that Hillary was a better choice? No one can say for sure, but my own personal opinion is of some other forces at work. Never before has a major party fielded two candidates that have the ability to polarize the nation like Hillary and Obama do. The feelings amongst the electorate that a woman or an african-american man might have a legitimate shot at becoming the next President are, in my humble opinion, enough to drive first-time and non-traditional democratic voters to the polls in the hopes of boosting (or preventing) the chances these candidates have for success.

In terms of the message they present, I think people are legitimately hungry for a different tone and mindset in Washington. Many people have touched on this fact, but it still bears repeating, that Obama gives the people something to root for, rather than just something to rally against. However, certain positions of his, like outright opposition to the war in Iraq, might give people reasons to worry about the job he would do as President. That, coupled with a "lack of experience," real or imagined, might persuade his support to erode in favor of a "safer" candidate like Hillary, who actually takes stronger positions on the subjects of foreign policy and national security.

But with all the curves that the road to the White House has already taken, only one thing is certain: we are in for one exciting ride.


Hillary Clinton - 3:1
Barack Obama - 4:1
Mike Huckabee - 4:1
John McCain - 5:1
Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! - 5:1
Mitt Romney - 8:1
John Edwards - 12:1
Dennis Kucinich - 12,000,000:1

"Like, OMG, Spelling is WAY Hard!"

Two straight BCS National Championship appearances. Two straight losses. An NCAA National Championship appearance. Another loss. Losing Greg Oden and Mike Conley to the NBA Draft after one season. Rough. Just when you didn't think things could get any worse for Ohio State fans, there is this:

These are the OSU cheerleaders attempting to rally their team from their 14 point deficit in last Monday's BCS National Championship game. And it just might have worked... If only the school were called THE OOHI University, not The Ohio State University.

Now, not only does Ohio State have to spend the next year or so explaining to everyone how they are not the Buffalo Bills of the BCS, but they also need to explain how their cheerleaders are the dumbest bitches in the Big Ten, if not the NCAA. I mean seriously, O-O-H-I? I've met some of the cheerleaders at IU, and let's be honest, I've had kids with ADHD carry a conversation better. But at least I can sleep soundly knowing that everytime they take the court for an IU basketball game, they are able to consistently spell out I-N-D-I-A-N-A correctly.

IU Cheerleaders 1

OSU Cheerleaders 0

Girls wear some stupid shit

While pursuing a graduate degree at the esteemed University of Georgia, Young Swole is happily able to observe the greatness that is the ladies that attend this school. As my friends can attest, Young Sweezy quite often brags sabout the aesthetic appeal of the co-eds that attend our little school here in Athens, Georgia. Thanks to their collective efforts, our ladies have made UGA a stronghold of SEC Poon.

However, while most ladies uphold their civic duty to look amazing for us male students here at school, there are still the dumb broads that look highly ridiculous. Case in point, it is 65 degrees here today which is a perfect opportunity for all of Georgia's ladies to show off the beauty that God gave them. Most fulfill this opportunity and make any walk around campus highly enjoyable. But unfortunately, Young Swole saw one hoe who almost ruined the day. She was wearing a t-shirt and some exercise shorts, which is fine, but for some unknown reason she decided to wear those Uggs boots with them. Young Swole says fuck that. Its 65 degrees so you don't need boots bitch. We are also in a horrible drought, so there's no water on the sidewalks to avoid, so boots become pointless. And finally, by wearing those stupid ass boots, you not only make yourself look stupid, but you remind Young Swole of all the northern girls who thought this looked good as well and inspired him to move south.

So for all the ladies out there who read this blog, please leave the Uggs boots at home the next time you go out in public. Not only do you have serious competition in the looks department at a school like UGA, but you also have standards to uphold being a southern woman at a school that specializes in dank SEC Poon. Get it fixed hoes.

Purdue is Full of Sh*t

Now normally, hearing someone say that Purdue is full of it would lead everyone to believe that this is just some typical Indiana fan/alum homer attempting to defame and discredit the "good" name of in-state rival, Purdue University.

However... I think they are doing a fine job of discrediting themselves:

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University students are making some extra cash through a project that might turn some of their classmates' stomachs — by sniffing livestock excrement. Students earn $30 per session as they take whiffs of a variety of smells collected from barns filled with hogs, cows and chickens for odor research being conducted by Albert Heber, a Purdue professor
of agricultural and biological engineering.

As you can see from above, Bob Knight is still not taking the news (or any news) about Purdue very well. Maybe we are starting to uncover the TRUE meaning of "Boiler Up!"...

(Thank GOD I went to IU)


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Top 25 in 2008 - College Football

You will find not find a bigger college football fan than Young Swole. So while he's sad to see the 2007 end, one eye has already been turned toward 2008, which promises to be much more Top-Heavy than this year was.

1. Georgia. OK i might be biased a slight bit here, but UGA is absolutely stacked heading into 2008. The entire 3-deep defense is returning, we lose only 3 starters on offense, and are headed toward a top-3 recruiting class. One more scary thing to consider...Caleb King will be playing next year, and a lot of people think he is better than Knowshon Moreno.

2. USC. Another team with a ton of talent returning. However, they do need to replace a starting quarterback and defensive standouts like Sedrick Ellis and Rey Maualuga. Schedule also sets up well with Oregon and Arizona State coming to SoCal.

3. West Virginia. If everyone on that offense returns, they might average 60 points a game. It also helps that they play in the awful Big East, especially since South Florida and Cincinnati both have to travel to Morgantown.

4. Florida. Despite inexplicably losing to Michigan, this team returns damn near everyone. Tebow will still dominate, and will actually have someone to hand off to now that Emmanuel Moody is in town. That defense better grow up though for them though, they were terrible in the Citrus Bowl.

5. Oklahoma. The Sooners still have a ton of talent, and Sam Bradford could be a heisman candidate. They have to start winning big games though, people are starting to hate on Bob Stoops' big game preparation skills.

6. LSU. Reloading year in the Bayou. But when you have Ryan Perriloux, Keiland Williams and Terrance Toliver returning on offense, and the next great college safety in Chad Jones leading the defense, you aren't going to drop far.

7. Texas. The greatest coaching signing of the offseason was when the Horns got Will Muschamp to lead their defense. If he can turn that defense into what he had at Auburn, Texas could make a run at the title, especially if they sign Darrell Scott to replace Jamaal Charles.

8. Ohio State. Once again they will be coming off of an embarrasing championship loss. Once again they will dominate a weak Big 10. Once again it will not be enough to taste true glory. Chris Wells is a monster though.

9. Missouri. Another team whose offense will be near unstoppable. Chase Daniel will once again be a bona-fide heisman candidate.

10. Clemson. No team does less with more talent, but if they ever put it together one of these years, they could be extremely scary, especially with the ACC wide open for the taking.

11. Oregon. If Jonathan Stewart returns to school, he will be the top running back in the nation. They may also have the best defense in the Pac-10 next year.

12. Virginia Tech. Tyrod Taylor begins his mission to make Hokie fans forget all about the Mexico brothers.

13. Illinois. Losing Mendenhall is a huge loss, but all those Zook recruits will make the Illini the most athletic team in the Big 10, which can't help but make them successful.

14. Kansas. Its going to be hard to recapture the 2007 magic, but Mangino is as smart as he is hefty and Todd Reesing will have that offense runnin' and gunnin'

15. Auburn. Undoubtedly the best 4 loss team in the nation. Still gave many teams a hard time despite this being a rebuilding year on the plains. If Kodi Burns can be a dual-threat, watch out.

16. Arizona State. Dennis Erickson knows how to coach, and you know he's going to find some JUCO studs who will give the Sun Devils that swagger. If he was smart, Rudy Carpenter would be the back up QB.

17. BYU. The stormin' mormons are back. If they go undefeated in their out-of-conference schedule, they could make a BCS game if the cards fall right.

18. Cincinnati. With Ben Mauk back at quarterback, and Coach Kelly getting those ath-a-letes fired up on defense, they could win the Big East if West Virginia stumbles.

19. South Carolina. Make or break time for Spurrier. UGA and Tennesee both come to Columbia, where the Cocks defense will be much more intimidating.

20. Tennessee. Losing Erik Ainge hurts. Losing David Cutcliffe hurts even more. He was the reason why Ainge became any good. Without those 2, its a good thing they have Eric Berry on defense, he may be the best defensive player in the SEC next year.

21. Texas Tech. Harrell to Crabtree. Harrell to Crabtree. Harrell to Crabtree.

22. Michigan. Despite Rich Rod having to completely re-do the mindset of the Wolverines, I still have trouble seeing them being any worse than 3rd in the Big 10.

23. Cal. The offense is always good in Berkeley. They also have the advantage of getting Oregon, USC and Arizona State all at home.

24. Alabama. If John Parker Wilson can step up and throw it like a man, this team could be very dangerous. That if is about as big as Mangino's gut unfortunately.

25. South Florida. Their home-grown florida athleticism alone makes them a threat to every other team in the Big East, just ask West Virginia

Others to watch: Ole Miss, Boise State, Fresno State, Tulsa, Penn State, Wake Forest, UCLA, App State, Fresno State, Air Force, Indiana, Miami, Texas A&M

Monday, January 7, 2008

The BCS Championship Drinking Game

Congratulations NCAA. Because of your dim-witted idea to push the national championship game back to January 7th, there is no buzz for the game tonight. Maybe if you had kept this game before the NFL Playoffs started, more people would be excited. Or maybe if you had the winner of this game play the winner of a USC-UGA matchup, people would be anticiping some actual finalilty to this amazing college football season. Instead, everyone seems more excited about night 2 of American Gladiators than the BCS Championship. At GDB, we feel its our responsibility to infuse this rather dull climax to the college season with the one thing guaranteed to add excitement....BREW!!! So without further adieu, here is your BCS Championship Drinking Game.

-Take 1 sip for each time Fox Cameras show either the LSU or OSU band during the game
-Take 5 sips for the first time the "BCS Controversy" is mentioned, and 2 sips every additional time it is brought up
-Take 2 sips for every highlight shown from last years championship in which OSU got dismantled
-Take 1 sip every time an announcer says "speed"
-Take 1 sip every time someone says the word "disrespected"
-Finish your beer if Jim Tressel is wearing a sweater vest
-Finish your beer if Les Miles messes with his hat during the game
-Pour out some beer each time Fox mentions how New Orleans is doing a great job of "Rebuilding the City" - (I had friends down in NO for the Sugar Bowl, and they drove through neighborhoods where people are living in tents, more than 2 years after Katrina)
-Throw a beer in the general direction of whatever announcer suggests that USC deserves consideration for number 1
-Take a sip each time a LSU player outruns a OSU player
-Take 5 sips every time an OSU play outruns a LSU player
-Finish your beer every time Thom Brennaman goes off on an meaningless rant about something wrong with college football during the game

If you follow these rules, you will either be so drunk or so angry by the end of the game that you will miss the shitty camera work of Fox, the promos for the awful new Fox TV shows coming soon, or the mangling of the english language by the worst host in the history of sports, Chris Rose.

And if you decide to switch over to American Gladiators instead but still want to drink, just take a sip each time Hulk Hogan says brother. Enjoy the game!!

American Idiots

After watching The first installment of the new American Gladiators Show, I couldn't help but remember the scene near the end of Billy Madison where the Host of the Game Show between Billy and the evil Eric addressed Adam Sandler after he told the story about the lost puppy. The host said, "We are all stupider after hearing this, I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul." Well after watching American Gladiators, I sure feel a whole lot stupider. Where do I begin, well how about at the beginning where the first person we are introduced to is a single mother of three who sells Toilet Paper door to door. Where do they find these people?? Sure Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali have name value, but they both suck as the spokespeople for the show. Hogan's biceps take up the entire screen when he talks and that hair looks like he stole it off of a doll. It's a good thing he has this going, because we know his other show on VH1 (Hogan Knows Best) is over now that he's getting a divorce. Kind of ironic considering he won the "Father of the Year" award on one episode. Hogan and Ali both do a terrible job of reading off of the teleprompter, maybe I could give them some pointers. What makes them look worse is the things that they have to read are absolutely ridiculous. The writers on this show have put in some of the most trite sentences I have ever heard. They need to let their hosts be free to ad lib. That's why 1 vs. 100 is solid, because Bob Saget is a character. (Best line ever from Half Baked..."Weed? You call that an addiction? I used to suck dick for coke") I guess the writers have to do this though, because Ali and Hogan are stiffer than Al Gore. Let's move on to the Gladiators. Wow, what a bunch of chumps. These are reject athletes that have hit the roids a little too hard. Still they have plenty of comic value ("let's go boiiii"...can you say flava flaaaav). The girl gladiators are pretty uninteresting so let's focus on the hilarious men. Titan is a gigantic Ken Doll who has the biggest man boobs I've ever seen. Apparently he's the pride and joy of the show because he's the centerpiece of all of their ads...he's also obsessed with himself. Wolf man is my favorite. All he does is howl. I think you need a crazy presence on a show like this to keep it fun. Basically all of these people are just big good looking freaks with small IQ's (probably from pro-longed steroid usage). The events are actually pretty good. Assault (the event where a Gladiator shoots Tennis Balls at the contender while they try to fire back behind shields) is a personal favorite of mine and it always seems the contenders are completely lost. It's always fun seeing Contenders just get completely obliterated by the Gladiators, especially when they talk mad shit right before. This is a pretty well put together show. I gotta give props to the editors who make it seem a lot more intense than it probably is. Good crowd participation makes you feel like you are there. I'm not sure if this show is going to last more than a year or too. Seems like it might get old fast unless they add some twists. Overall, this new version of American Gladiators is pretty similar to the old one, so if you like the original, you will probably enjoy this one as well.

Recapping Round One

The First Weekend of the Playoffs are over, and it's time to suck it up and admit that my picks were a little Bi-Polar. A little Gary Busey if you will. I mis-fired on both of the Saturday Games, but nailed both of the Sunday Contests.
Overall, it was a good weekend of football. Let's first see how the rest of the GDB staff did.

Cicero- 3 for 4
Porque- 4 for 4 (BN)
Swole- 3 for 4
Knuckleballer- 2 for 4

So apparently, my picks were more pathetic than Fred Claus. Don't worry I'll bounce back next week like Rocky. Ok so let's take a look a closer look at the four games.

Seattle 35 vs. Tampa Bay 14

GAME CHANGING PLAY...Midway through the 4th, the Redskins were up 14-13 and had the chance to extend their lead after they recovered a kickoff that went right between two Seahawks. A combination of a bumbled catch by the normally sure-handed Chris Cooley that would have set up a first and goal, and a botched Field Goal by Shaun Suisham kept it a one point game. From there the Cream rose to the Crop.
IT WAS OVER WHEN...Marcus Trufant caught the dead seagull that Todd Collins lofted up and returned it to the house. Not only was the pass miserable, but Santana Moss made no effort to position himself anywhere near the ball leading to an express lane for Trufant to complete the Pick 6 and put the Hawks up 14. Collins has to be one of the worst quarterbacks to ever start a playoff game...then again Trent Dilfer won a superbowl with the Ravens about 8 years ago.
HERO OF THE GAME...Not many great performances from this matchup...this is like going on a date with the hottest woman in the Nursing Home...I'm going to go ahead and copout and give this one to the Seahawk's defense. Not only did they come up with 2 INT House Calls, but they had 3 sacks and put great pressure on Collins all game. Credit Julian Peterson and Patrick Kerney for forcing Collins to make bad decisions all day.
GOAT OF THE GAME...It'd be easy to give this one to Collins, but everyone knew he was going to play like Britney Spears on Crack before the game started...and he did have 2 Touchdowns, so we'll shift over to what should have been Washington's bread and butter...the Run Game. Clinton Portis had been dominating defenses over the past 2 months, but he didn't show up today with only 52 yards rushing. I guess you can fault the play calling a little bit too. It's not like they were down the whole game though.
FINAL THOUGHTS...This game was sloppy and fairly boring until the fourth quarter. There was still sloppiness after that, but it became a lot more exciting. The better team won this game, and I like many others were blinded by the emotional run of the Redskins. I mistaked it for talent. The Seahawks need to play a more complete game next week, but they match up well against the Packers.

Jacksonville 31 vs. Pittsburgh 29

GAME CHANGING PLAY...Clearly it had to be David Garrard's 4th and 2 Bootleg run into the redzone. The game would have been over with the Steelers leading by one and less than 2 minutes left in the game.
...That run set up the game winning Field Goal and finished off the best contest of the weekend. Pittsburgh could have won this one if they could have kept their previous drive going long than a three and out.
HERO OF THE GAME...This is tough, but I gotta give it to Garrard, sure other players on the Jags had better games fact this was Garrard's worst QB rating of the year, but they would have lost this game if not for his leadership. He really reminds me of a young Steve McNair. I'm not saying he's going to win an MVP, but the fact that he is a dual threat and doesn't many mistakes makes him a great Centerpiece for this Jags team. Still though, he needs to play a hell of a lot better against New England if they want to stay in the same galaxy as the Patriots.
GOAT OF THE GAME...Unfortunately, I gotta give this to Big Ben Roethlisberger. Although the run game was horrible for the Steelers, despite the 2 Touchdowns they averaged under 2 yards a carry, you can't look pas the 4 turnovers by Ben. The QB made too many key mistakes throughout the course of the game that ultimately doomed this team. If this were fantasy, Big Ben would have outscored Garrard, but that doesn't mean shit in real life and that's why Garrard and the Jags are advancing. Ben took complete blame for the loss after the game. It wasn't all his fault, so that was a classy move by the team leader, but in the end the weight has to rest on his shoulders.
FINAL THOUGHTS...The Steelers would have probably won this game if Willie Parker was still healthy. They attempted almost twice as many passes and rushes, and that is not Steeler brand football. They had to do this though, because Najeh Davenport was mostly ineffective. Overall, it was an outstanding game and I think Pittsburgh put up a better fight than most people expected. The Jaguars are the first team to win back to back games at Heinz Field.

New York
24 vs. Tampa Bay 14

GAME CHANGING PLAY...The Giants didn't have a play that really defined the game, but they did look horrible in the first quarter. So I guess we can say when Brandon Jacobs got the Giants on the Board at the beginning of the second quarter. From there, it was all G-Men all the time.
IT WAS OVER WHEN...The Giants defense limited the Tampa Bay offense all game. Wasn't the Tampa Cover Two supposed to be the better unit? Well maybe on paper, but the Boys in Blue showed up big today. The best was Corey Webster who was only playing because Sam Madison got hurt against the Pats last week. Webster had a key INT in the end zone and a fumble recovery that pretty much doused any hope of a comeback for the Bucs.
HERO OF THE GAME...Eli Manning. Wow, I never thought I would list Eli and Hero in the same sentence, but then it hit me. Is it really because Eli is a bad QB, or is it because the media has made Eli seem awful. I think it's a little of both, but the younger Manning should shake off some of the haters with his performance here. Not only did he have 2 TD's, but he also had ZERO turnovers. Everyone thought he would be the Goat here before the game started, but Manning stepped up in a big way when it mattered and with another good performance next week, maybe the media will give him a break...or not. One crazy fact that I found. Eli won his first playoff game in his third took Peyton four tries to get his first win in the postseason.
GOAT OF THE GAME...Joey Galloway. He was just completely inept in this game. 1 Catch?! Are you kidding me. This is one of the premier receivers in this league and he has 1 Catch. That just can't happen. He's the best player on the team and because he was invisible, the Buccaneers had no chance to win.
FINAL THOUGHTS...This was New York's third straight year in the playoffs as a Wildcard, and it was their first victory. All of these playoff teams were helmed by Eli, and he had typically been Boo-urns. This time around, it was just a better overall team. One important note, the Giants are now 8-1 on the road this year. Their only loss was to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1...guess where they play next week.

San Diego 17 vs. Tennessee 6

GAME CHANGING PLAY...When the Chargers decided to play like the Chargers. Philip Rivers connected with Vincent Jackson for a 25 yard TD. It was late in the third quarter and the Bolts were down 6-3 at the time. This put them up four and they never looked back.
IT WAS OVER WHEN...LT dove over the Titans Defensive line and originally ran into the brick wall known as Keith Bullock, but the play was never whistled dead and Tomlinson just reached his orangutan like arm over the white line for the Touchdown. It was reviewed, but there was no way they were going to overturn this call in San Diego. That made the score 17-6 midway through the fourth and that was all they needed.
HERO OF THE GAME...I'm going to give this to Vincent Jackson. Rivers is like a 5 year old girl and can't keep his emotions in check when it matters and that's going to eventually kill this team, so I'll let the receiver who had 114 yards and Touch have it. Jackson had been pretty weak sauce this year. He was a popular sleeper in fantasy drafts (I fell for the hype), and was a huge bust. This was a statement game for him. Chris Chambers, the former Miami Dolphin who is thanking his lucky stars he was traded off of that shitty team earlier this year, also had 121 yards receiving.
GOAT OF THE GAME...I'm trying to think of someone other than Vince Young to give this to, but there isn't anyone else on this team. Young was hurt and has had to make something out of nothing all year. I feel bad for the guy, because he really is an outstanding athlete, but the Titans have a sad collection of players around him on the offensive side and it's beyond me how they made the playoffs. So, I'm not going to stick this on Vince. I'm going to give it to Mike Reinfeldt, the GM of the Titans. The fact that they didn't select a solid WR in the past NFL draft is a joke. That needs to be their first concern in this upcoming draft.
FINAL THOUGHTS...This game was awful. I can't believe I succumbed my eyes to such torture. Speaking of torture, you gotta feel bad for Antonio Gates, who was carted off the field in the first half. It's crazy that the Chargers were able to score all of their points after Gates left. He is questionable for the game against the Colts, and without him it seems like it would be tough for San Diego to win that one. Shame on Rivers for laying Gates out to dry on this play. I can't talk about this game anymore, it makes me sick.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Love High School Basketball??

Not only is Quincy, IL the home of Illini Legend Bruce Douglas, Iowa Standout Michael Payne, and Jim Wisman - 6th man on the '76 Hoosiers (Last team to go undefeated from first game to NCAA title). Not only do they hold state records for most state tournament appearances (29), most regional titles (57), most sectional titles (30), state tourney games won (44) and played (70), and state trophies won (13). Not only were they named USA Today's National Champions in 1981. They also have one hell of a pre-game intro ceremony. Can you say intimidating?