Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Only Way to Stop Darren McFadden is to Cuff Him

Well, at least that is what police in Little Rock must be thinking. The star RB and Heisman Trophy runner-up was the only one detained after an altercation at a piano bar early Thursday morning.

Outside, McFadden was handcuffed by a police officer "because he was agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident," according to the
police report.

"We handcuffed him for a few minutes because he was rowdy," Hastings said. McFadden, who was the only person handcuffed, was released after he calmed down. Hastings said it was routine procedure to handcuff a person to gain control of a situation.

McFadden's mother, Mini Muhammad, said her son was trying to protect his younger brother, Daryl.

"He wasn't the one that was fighting. It was his little brother -- someone had jumped on him," Muhammad said. "He was agitated because his brother had a bloody nose."

"Darren was not fighting -- please make that be known," she

So let me get this straight... you almost won the Heisman Trophy twice, you are an All-American RB likely to go in the top 3 of the NFL draft next year, gonna make millions of dollars next year and slang even MORE SEC (and better) poon next year... and you STILL DIDN'T LEARN ANYTHING FROM WHAT HAPPENED WITH PACMAN JONES?!?! WE DON'T SCREW UP OUR LIVES BY GETTING IN STUPID BAR FIGHTS!!! If I were in D Fad's shoes, and my little brother was causing problems, I'd probably beat the shit out of him and tell him not to screw up my shit.

I'm not sure what I find more amusing with this story, that his mother is attempting to stress to everyone her Darren was not the one fighting (or, as I heard it, "Please don't ruin my meal ticket!") or the fact that McFadden's mother is named Mini Muhammad. Just perpetuating the cycle... that's all I'm sayin.

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