Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hockey has as much Credibility as Cricket

Washington Capitals Prodigy Alexander Ovechkin signed a Contract Extension for 13 years, $124 Billion...what's that you say? It's only 124 Million dollars? Well, it might as well be a billion based on the idiocy of this deal. Sure Ovechkin is one of the sickest young talents in the National Hockey League, but based on the state of the sport (just 3 years removed from a huge lockout that crippled the fanship of the game), this could be a monumental mistake for one of the more recognizable franchises. The NHL has no major network deal to increase viewership and numerous franchises are struggling to avoid bankruptcy. You'd think the Caps would have learned from the incredibly ridiculous 15 year deal given to NY Islanders Goalie Rick DiPietro just over a year ago. I can understand wanting to lock up a great player, but what happens if he suffers a career threatening injury, which is not ludicrous to assume (this is hockey not Ping Pong). Sure Alexander the Great could go on to reach Wayne Gretzky proportions, but it's still too early to tell. The kid is only 22, so that means by the end of this deal he will be 35, a dinosaur in hockey years. This isn't a huge surprise, some of the dumbest minds in all of sports work in the NHL, led by the King of the fools, Commissioner Gary Bettman. And you thought the A Rod Contract was nuts. At least he's playing for one of the Richest Franchises in Professional Sports. Chances are much better that this could kill the sport then help it. If Ovechkin is getting 124 mill, can we expect Sidney Crosby to rake in 200? After seeing this, I wouldn't be shocked.

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