Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Like, OMG, Spelling is WAY Hard!"

Two straight BCS National Championship appearances. Two straight losses. An NCAA National Championship appearance. Another loss. Losing Greg Oden and Mike Conley to the NBA Draft after one season. Rough. Just when you didn't think things could get any worse for Ohio State fans, there is this:

These are the OSU cheerleaders attempting to rally their team from their 14 point deficit in last Monday's BCS National Championship game. And it just might have worked... If only the school were called THE OOHI University, not The Ohio State University.

Now, not only does Ohio State have to spend the next year or so explaining to everyone how they are not the Buffalo Bills of the BCS, but they also need to explain how their cheerleaders are the dumbest bitches in the Big Ten, if not the NCAA. I mean seriously, O-O-H-I? I've met some of the cheerleaders at IU, and let's be honest, I've had kids with ADHD carry a conversation better. But at least I can sleep soundly knowing that everytime they take the court for an IU basketball game, they are able to consistently spell out I-N-D-I-A-N-A correctly.

IU Cheerleaders 1

OSU Cheerleaders 0

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