Friday, March 14, 2008

Don't Fuck With the Gangsta In Chief

Hillary and Barack should take this message to heart too...

I don't know what I like more:
-when Bush gets so carried away that aides have to pull him away from the podium
-when Dick Cheney comes in strappin'

Toothbrushes Do Not Exsist In South Bend

Maybe it's the High Def, maybe it's just reality... but I'll be honest: I'm to the point now where I can't handle Digger Phelps' fucking teeth!

That shit looks like Dr. Issac Yankem, DDS came in and, instead of a drill, grabbed a paintbrush of yellow paint and went to work on his fuckin teeth.

Come on man, you make millions of dollars. Invest in a $2.95 toothbrush and a tube of $3.00 toothpaste.

I'm sorry for getting upset.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Washington Nationals Preview

The Nationals turned out not to be quite as terrible as everyone expected last year, thanks mostly to some patchwork starting pitching and timely hitting from dudes you've never heard of. Can they do that and more this year to become relevant in the NL East? Probably not, unless Jason Bergmann becomes a Cy Young contender.

2007 Record: 73-89

Key Losses: C Brian Schneider, OF Ryan Church

Key Additions: C Paul LoDuca, C Johnny Estrada, 3B Aaron Boone, P Odalis Perez, OF Lastings Milledge

Projected Lineup:
1. Christian Guzman SS
2. Lastings Milledge CF
3. Ryan Zimmerman 3B
4. Nick Johnson/Dimitri Young 1B
5. Austin Kearns RF
6. Willy Mo Pena LF
7. Paul LoDuca C
8. Ronnie Belliard 2B

Lineup Grade: C-. Outside of Ryan Zimmerman, this lineup does not have any "plus" hitters. Most of these players are aging role-players or young guys who haven't exactly lived up to their hype. Nick Johnson missed the entire '07 season, and the club will have to decide to go with him at 1B/cleanup, or their lone all-star from last year: Dimitri Young. I'm really not sure why the Nationals, with so many areas of their roster in need of attention, would have gone out and acquired two starting-caliber catchers.

Projected Rotation:
1. Shawn Hill
2. John Patterson
3. Jason Bergmann
4. Odalis Perez
5. Tim Redding/John Lannan
CL: Chad Cordero
Setup: Jon Rauch

Rotation Grade: D+. With all due respect to the much-loved Jason Bergmann, this rotation will not win too many games. Not a single one of these guys is even close to deserving the title of "Ace". #'s 1-3 all have injury histories and Odalis Perez is just another pitcher whose career has been ruined by facing Albert Pujols a few times too many. The lone bright spot on this team (besides young stunner Ryan Zimmerman) is the young, deep, and talented bullpen. No one is sleeping on Chad Cordero, and Jon Rauch will be a closer in the near future, I just don't know what team it will be for.

2008 Prediction: If the Nationals could repeat their 2007 results, I have to think it would be considered a moral victory. They were projected to lose 100 games last year, and anything better than that is icing on the cake. Only Zimmerman presents a true danger to opposing pitchers on a daily, every-at-bat basis, and the starting pitching is not stable or reliable. I do like Jason Bergmann though, not only because half of GDB's contributors have participated in numerous questionable activities and rowdy parties with his brother, but because when healthy he has actually been pretty good. In general, though, I don't think there is any reason to get excited about, or even pay much attention to, these Nationals.

2008 Record: 71-91

A 5-Star Ego

Its now been over a month since National Signing Day, and yet Terrelle Pryor has no idea where he is going to play football next season.  He says he's been waiting for basketball season to end before he makes up his mind, yet it seems as if he's 10 times more interested in the added attention he's receiving than in making a correct decision.  Why has this high school player become a celebrity for nothing but speculation?  And what does this debacle of a story say about college football as a whole?  Lets take a look

The Background:  Terrelle Pryor is a 5-star quarterback prospect from Pennsylvania.  His recruiting process has been going on for years, and he has narrowed his choice down to four schools: Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Oregon.  The problem is that because Pryor is in the midst of his high school basketball season, he doesnt feel he's had enough time to choose what school is right for him.  Therefore, his entire recruiting story has gone on much longer than it should have, and at this moment we still know as much as we did about 8 months ago.

The Controversy:  There are so many factors that are in play in this story.  First of all, Pryor is two things: an excellent athlete with a formidable ego, and an attention whore.  He acts like he's the first top prospect with a tough decision to make regarding his college choice.  Pryor has an action figurine, a recruiting "advisor" in Charlie Batch, his own website and a habit of teasing the fans of the schools he's interested in that he will be playing football there.  Combine this with a prominent coaching change at one of the school's he's interested in and a desperate home state school fighting to stay relevant in college football, and you have a full-blown shit storm. 

The Decision:  At this point its anyone's guess where Pryor will go.  Ohio State has long been considered the favorite, since Pryor nearly committed to them before his senior season and many of his friends are on the Buckeyes.  Michigan has the most immediate need for him, since new coach Rich Rodriguez coaches a system that fits Pryor well and incumbent starter Ryan Mallett was basically told to leave school.  Oregon has its ties to Nike, and for someone with an ego like Pryor, the thought of playing for Nike U could fit his dream of becoming a marketing megastar.  Finally Penn State is basically falling over itself in its courtship of Pryor.  Living fossil Joe Paterno actually left State College to make his first in-home visit of a recruit in years and the Nittany Lions have reportedly formed a tight relationship with Pryor's father in hopes of keeping him in state.  The smart choice in his decision would still be Ohio State but there is no real solid ground to stand on for any of the four schools

So how did it happen that a high school player (not even considered the top player in the nation by many scouts mind you) became such an in-demand commodity for schools across the nation.  You can put a lot of the blame on Pryor for thinking he's the Lebron James of football, but he's merely exploiting a system that has been heading towards a controversy like this for years.  Three main parties are to blame for this mess so lets take a look at who's to blame.

1.  Scouting Services.  In the past 10 years, unknown scouting services have quickly become authorities on high school football players.  They subjectively rank players by star systems and hype up their college choices so that the recruiting process has become almost as big of a sport as the games themselves.  The problem is, that these recruiting services are full of shit.  There is absolutely no way to rank a football player's talent, let alone ranking entire school's recruiting classes and trying to predict how one player's college career may play out.  Many of these scouts are biased, like Tom Lemming, who overinflates player values for specific school's like Notre Dame, while decreasing values of schools he doesnt like such as Florida and Florida State.  Other recruiting sources never see the players they grade in person, instead relying on grainy videotape.  Regardless, these sources rank each player, with the best earning a coveted 5-star rating.  Sometimes they are right, players like Reggie Bush and Darren McFadden were both 5-stars, but other times they are dead wrong.  Ever heard of Whitney Lewis, Ryan Powdrell or Jeff Schweiger Jr.?  Don't worry if you haven't, but those were players who earned 5-star ratings and attended USC, the school considered to have recruited the best in the nation over the past decade.  All this says is that evaluating high school players will always be a inexact science, with no real way of proving a player's talent until they step on the field in the fall.

2.  The Media.  In step with the growing importance based on the scouting grades described above, the media has cultivated the recruiting process into a great part of their coverage.  Classes are broken down in depth, player's college decisions are broadcast live, and all-star games were created to hype the supposedly best players in the nation.  By making these college decisions so public, the media creates a feeling of entitlement in the minds of the players they deem to be the best in the nation.  In this year, Pryor was the golden boy in the media.  Previous years its been Jimmy Clausen and Mitch Mustain.  These players are so glorified that they feel like they are going to have everything handed to them at the college they choose.  When they find out they aren't as hot of shit as they thought, they either sulk and look terrible all season (Clausen) or run for the hills (Mustain).  Any high school kid is going to enjoy hearing someone say that they are good at something, and by hyping up high school players to such an insane degree they are giving these kids the feeling they don't have anything more to prove once they get to college.

3.  The Coaches:  For years coaches have bent over backwards to get top players to sign at their schools, but in this instance the levels coaches have stooped to for Pryor has reached unprecented levels.  Tressell basically told Pryor that he had the starting job locked up after Todd Boeckman graduates next year.  He also told the same thing to Justin Zwick, a previous 5-star recruit who cost Ohio State the Texas game in '05 when Tressell had him split time with Troy Smith who was a lower-rated player in theory but a much better player in actuality.  You think a coach considered as good as Tressell is would be more cautious this time around about guaranteeing playing time to a prospect.  Penn State's coaches are even more embarrasing than Tressell.  Joe Paterno, who hasn't recruited a single player at Penn State in about 10 years, actually went and visited Pryor and basically begged him to play for the Nittany Lions.  Furthermore, Paterno's offensive coordinator Tom Bradley has forged a close relationship with Pryor and his father in hopes of convincing him to come to State College.  So therefore, when Bradley was named Paterno's eventual coaching replacement, many believed it was a final step in begging Pryor to attend the school, even though he has said before he has no real intention of going to the school.  The coach who takes the cake in the Pryor wooing has to be Rich Rodriguez though.   He is so desperate to have Pryor play for him, that he called him to tell him he was leaving West Virginia for Michigan before he even told his own players already on the squad.  He's guaranteeing a starting spot for Pryor this fall, even though he'll only have 4 weeks of training camp to learn the offense.  All of these instances show how obsessed coaches can become with one player and how necessary they feel it is to keep that player away from a major rival.  By bending over backwards for one player, it basically gives that guy all the power in the relationship so that his chance of actually respecting and listening to his coach become smaller and smaller.  

What it all means
By March 31st Terrelle Pryor will have to make his decision.  After that, he will have the near impossible task of reaching the level of expectations that have been created for him.  If he does not have a career on par with what Vince Young had in Texas, Pryor will be considered a failure.  And even if he does succeed to some degree, he will always have another hot shot recruit coming behind him. has already declared Matt Barkley the top QB recruit of 2009 despite the fact that he hasn't even played his senior year yet.  And Barkley will be attending USC, where he will be playing behind 3 qb's who had the same status as he did as the best QB prospect in the nation (Matt Sanchez, Mitch Mustain, Aaron Corp).  So even if Pryor thinks he is invincible, whatever coach that actually gets to coach him will not think the same.  They'll all be recruiting the next hot thing, because that is the nature of the beast.  And all of us who care so much about college football will hear a whole new list of names from scouting services and sports media until the point that we consider them gods that will guarantee success when they step on campus.  College recruiting is only becoming bigger, the competition for player's services becomes more and more vicious, and the recruits feeling of greatness grows more overblown by the year.  There is no stopping the process, just remember that star-ratings don't mean shit on the field until the best actually prove themselves.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Philadelphia Philles Preview

The Phillies finally lived up to their offensive potential last year and took their explosive line-up to the playoffs last year after passing the meltdown Mets late in the season.  Unfortunately, the NL's highest scoring team ran into the red hot Rockies and were swept in an embarrassing display.  Luckily for Phils Phans, they return almost entirely intact from their NL East division title looking for another potent season.  

Key Additions
Brad Lidge RP
Pedro Feliz 3B
Geoff Jenkins OF
Key Losses
Aaron Rowand OF
Tad Iguchi 2B
Michael Bourn OF
Antonio Alfonseca RP

Projected Line-up
1) Jimmy Rollins SS
2) Shane Victorino CF
3) Chase Utley 2B
4) Ryan Howard 1B
5) Pat Burrell LF
6) Geoff Jenkins RF
7) Pedro Feliz 3B
8) Carlos Ruiz C

Offensive Grade: A-...The top 5 in this line-up stack up with the elite offenses in baseball this year.  Rollins is a top 3 SS, Utley is the clear-cut best 2nd baseman, and Howard is a top 3 1st baseman. 
 Don't forget about the flyin' Hawaiian, Victorino.  He stole 37 bases last year even though he missed nearly a month.  Couple Shane and Jimmy together and the Phils are going to steal a huge amount of bases this season.  Citizen's Bank Ballpark is a big time hitter's park and even with Johan in the NL East, the Phillies are going to be blasting off on the rest of the pitchers in their division on the regular.  It wouldn't surprise me to see Philadelphia top the National League in runs again this year.

Projected Rotation
Brett Myers
Cole Hamels
Kyle Kendrick
Jamie Moyer
Adam Eaton
CL Brad Lidge (Tom Gordon will be the Fill-in Closer while Lidge is on the DL)

Pitching Grade: C+...First of all, I want to state that it's bogus that Myers is getting the opening day start.  Hamels is the stud on this team and he earned the start with his performance last season.  Now that that's out of the way, it's clear that this is a very thin rotation.  Eaton and Moyer are injury prone (let's not even get started on the Closer situation) and if either of them go down, there will be an enormous amount of pressure on Myers and Hamels to pick up the slack (they'll already be under the microscope as it is in the harsh Philadelphia Media Market).  That said, Myers and Hamels are one of the best Pitching Duos in the NL.  Myers has had a number of excellent starts to the year in the past, but it seems like he can't put it together for a full season.  If he does, Brett could flirt with 15+ wins.  Hamels is one of the best young pitching talents in baseball and if he can get his control on track he could be in line for a Cy Young or two down the road.  The flame throwing strikeout artist could have a big breakout year in 2008 after a decent '07.  If he does, it won't matter as much if the rest of the rotation isn't up to par.  His wife is also hot as hell.

2008 Outlook
The combination of a stellar offense and an elite pitcher seems to be a formula for success in baseball and that should bode well for the Phillies.  The NL East is going to be a tough division as it is every year, so Philadelphia isn't going to just waltz into the playoffs, but they should be right in the mix for the division crown.  The Phils really need to avoid the injury bug this year and if they can, a deep playoff run is well within reach.  Considering the fact that this team's best players are all in or around their primes this squad is one of a handful in baseball that has a legit shot at a World Series Championship.  Expect a big season in Philly.
Projected '08 Record: 92-70

Monday, March 10, 2008

NBA Weekly Preview

It was quite an exciting week in the NBA.  Houston extended their winning streak to near 20 games, Lebron pretty much locked up the MVP award and the west is still the west.  With only 4 weeks left in the regular season, every game is important.  Lets see what's on tap in the association.

The Power 16
1.  Boston 49-12.  Sam Cassell and PJ Brown are the perfect types of veterans to help compliment the big 3
2.  Detroit 46-17.  Detroit is the deepest team this side of the Lakers, but losing again to the Celtics has to be a little disconcerting.
3.  LA Lakers 44-19.  A bad loss to the Kings considering the brutal road trip the team is about to embark on at the end of the week
4 . San Antonio 43-19.  A slip-up this weekend against the Nugs and Suns, but the Spurs appear to have entered playoff mode.
5.  Houston 42-20.  The streak could reach 21 before the Rockets start an unreal stretch of games next week.
6.  Utah 42-22.  Another impressive week for the Jazz who have now won 5 in a row and are playing the best offensive basketball in the league.
7.  New Orleans 42-20.  The Hornets are really going to need David West to come back strong if they are going to survive 3 hellish games this week.
8.  Phoenix 41-22.  A huge win yesterday over the Spurs, but the true test will be if they can develop some consistency with Shaq before the playoffs.
9.  Orlando 40-24.  With their easy schedule upcoming, could the Magic catch the top 2 in the east?
10.  Golden State 39-23.  Baron Davis stays healthy and the Warriors keep winning.
11.  Dallas 40-23.  If the Mavs can't beat the top teams in the West then they are going to be out in the first round for the 2nd straight year.
12.  Denver 37-25.  Going 2-2 last week wasn't the worst thing in the world, but the Nugs are going to have to play more consistently if they want to make it in the playoffs.
13.  Cleveland 36-27.  Lebron is going to be a Knick in 2 years, that is a Young Swole guarantee.
14.  Toronto 34-28.  Its not a good time to start a west coast trip without Chris Bosh.
15.  Philadelphia 30-33.  The frisky Sixers have been on a serious roll, but games this week against the Celtics, Pistons and Spurs will show us how good they are.
16.  Portland 33-30.  Stuck between playoff contention and Clipper-like mediocrity.

Young Swole's Baller of the Week
Until further notice, Lebron James will always be the baller of the week.  With the way he is playing right now, the Cavs are just as likely to make the finals as the Celts or Pistons, simply because King James is that damn good.

Young Swole's Jackass of the Week
Pat Riley has always been two things: an excellent coach and a turncoat bitch.  Now that the Heat have gone south he's getting ready to bail again on a team even though it was his choice to get rid of Stan Van Gundy, build his team around slobs like Ricky Davis and Mark Blount and run Dwyane Wade into the ground.  Hopefully his bad karma of skipping out on the last month in the regular season will result in the Heat not getting a chance to draft Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose.

10 games to watch this week
1.  Boston @ Philadelphia, Monday.  Are the Sixers really as good as they've played recently.  A home game against the league leading Celtics is a great opportunity to convince Philly that they are for real.
2.  Denver @ San Antonio, Monday.  Beating the Spurs at home on Friday was a huge win for the Nugs, but if they lose tonight they will be 3 games behind the Warriors for the 8th spot. Such is life in the West
3.  Philadelphia @ Detroit, Wednesday.  A second huge game for the Sixers in three days.  Can they hang with the big boys in the NBA or are they still too young.
4.  San Antonio @ New Orleans, Wednesday.  The Hornets should have David West back for this huge battle for division and conference playoff positioning.
5.  Golden State @ Phoenix, Thursday.  Simply the most exciting matchup the NBA can offer.
6.  Utah @ Boston, Friday.  The best offensive team in the league faces the best defensive team in the league in a possible finals preview.
7.  LA Lakers @ New Orleans, Friday.  Kobe against CP3 in a matchup that will be as exciting as it is important in the West playoff race.
8.  San Antonio @ Detroit, Friday.  Nobody seems to want to see these two teams face each other in the finals, but both teams are good enough to reach that goal.
9.  New Orleans @ Detroit, Sunday.  CP3 heads east to take on Chauncey Billups in a matchup of two of the greatest point guards in the league.
10.  LA Lakers @ Houston, Sunday.  There's a good chance the Rockets could have a 21 game winning streak heading into this clash with Kobe and the west-leading Lakers.

GDB Bracket Prognostications

March Madness is upon us folks.  The eternal regular season has finally ended and now we have the conference championships to look forward to before the big show begins a week from Thursday.  So before the big conferences get started later this week, lets see how the field of 64 is looking at this moment.

Teams in tournament by Conference (Projected conference winners with asterisk):
ACC:  UNC, Duke, Clemson, Miami
Big East:  Georgetown, Louisville, UConn, Notre Dame, Pitt, Marquette, West Virginia, Syr.
Big Ten:  Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State
Big Twelve:  Kansas, Texas, K-State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas A@M
Pacific 10:  UCLA, Stanford, Wash. State, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon
SEC:  Tennesee, Vanderbilt, Miss.St, Kentucky, Arkansas
America East:  UMBC*
Atlantic 10:  Xavier, UMass
Big Sky:  Portland State*
Big South:  Winthrop
Big West:  UC Santa Barbara*
Colonial:  George Mason, VCU
Conference USA:  Memphis
Ivy:  Cornell
MAAC:  Siena*
MAC:  Kent State
MEAC:  Morgan State*
MVC:  Drake, Illinois State
Northeast:  Mount St. Mary's*
Ohio Valley:  Austin Peay
Patriot:  American*
Southern:  Davidson*
Southland:  Stephen F. Austin*
SWAC:  Alabama State*
Sun Belt:  South Alabama*
WCC:  Gonzaga, St.Mary's
WAC:  Boise State*
Mountain West:  BYU, UNLV
Horizon:  Butler
Atlantic Sun:  Belmont
Summit:  Oral Roberts*

So with the 65 teams in the field, at this moment, lets see how they could possibly stack up in the 4 regions

1 North Carolina            
2 Georgetown       
3 Stanford
4 Vanderbilt
5 Drake
6 Clemson
7 Gonzaga
8 Marquette
9 St. Mary's
10 Texas A&M
11 Oregon
12 Ohio State
13 George Mason 
14 Portland St.
15 Alabama St.
16 Morgan St./
     Mt. St. Mary's

1 Memphis
2 Texas
3 Duke
4 Purdue
5 Wash. St
6 Michigan St.
7 Kansas St.
8 Baylor
9 West Virginia
10 Kent State
11 UMass
12 Winthrop
13 South Alabama
14 Boise St.
15 Cornell
16 Siena

1 Kansas
2 Tennessee
3 Xavier
4 UConn
5 Butler
6 Indiana
7 Pittsburgh
9 Arizona
10 Miami
11 Davidson
12 Arizona St.
13 UC Santa Barbara
14 Stephen F. Austin
16 Oral Roberts

2 Wisconsin
3 Louisville
4 Notre Dame
5 Miss. St.
8 Oklahoma
9 Arkansas
10 Kentucky
11 Syracuse
12 Virginia Commonwealth
13 Illinois St. 
14 Austin Peay
15 Belmont 
16 American

There will most likely be some upsets in the smaller conferences that will shrink the bubble and take some of the teams from the big conferences out.  We will update this again Thursday after we know more conference winners, and Saturday night after the major conferences are winding to an end.  Thank god March Madness is here!!

Atlanta Braves Preview

2007 Finish: 84-78, 3rd in NL East

Key Losses:
SS Edgar Renteria, OF Andruw Jones, IF Willy Aybar, P Oscar Villareal

Key Acquisitions: P Tom Glavine, OF Mark Kotsay, P Will Ohman

During the spring of 2006, no one could have imagined that the Atlanta Braves would not only fail to make it to the post-season for the first time in about fifty years, but that they would fail again in '07. So after following up 14 division titles with two playoff-less years, the Braves have revamped much of their roster to try not to make it three in a row. Their team does look strong, but will it be enough to compete with, and defeat, the Phillies and Mets?

Projected Lineup:
1. Yunel Escobar SS
2. Mark Kotsay CF
3. Chipper Jones 3B
4. Mark Texiera 1B
5. Jeff Francoeur RF
6. Brian McCann C
7. Matt Diaz LF
8. Kelly Johnson 2B

Lineup Grade: B. This lineup probably looks strange to most MLB enthusiasts, in that it no longer revolves around CF Andruw Jones. But based on the way Jones played in '07, I think my grandma could have been more productive in the lineup, so this might not be a huge loss for the Braves. They have a good mix of established veterans like Jones and Texiera, homegrown talent in McCann and Francoeur, and some role-players like Kotsay and Kelly Johnson. This lineup is well balanced, but must also get some of that Bobby Cox Karma if they want to run with the big boys up north.

Projected Pitching Staff:
1. John Smoltz
2. Tim Hudson
3. Tom Glavine
4. Mike Hampton
5. Chuck James
CL: Rafael Soriano

Pitching Grade: B+. The starters are very old, but they don't seem to notice or let that get in their way. Smoltz and Glavine are still pitching like the Cy Young caliber guys they were during the Braves mid-1990's heyday, and Hudson finally delivered on the expectations Atlanta had when they dealt for him a few years back. If Hampton is actually healthy (big IF) and Chuck James continues to mature into a reliable starter, this pitching staff will win them many games and will be enough to keep the Braves in the hunt for the NL East title. Rafael Soriano should be much more reliable as a closer than the ill-fated Bob Wickman experiment.

Analysis: If Chipper and Hampton are healthy enough to play the majority of the year, they are one of the most well-balanced teams in the entire league. They have power, they play defense, they have both youth and experience. The pitching is solid and deep. Not to mention they have a manager who has forgotten more about baseball than you or your grandpa will ever know. I don't know if they can finish ahead of the Mets, but they should be a very strong Wild Card contender.

Projected Finish: 88-74.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Post-Christmas Wish List

Ahh yeah on the eve of the Big 10 Tournament I have a few wishes, actually just one:

1. That the above-mentioned players (minus Mr. Finkelmeier) play up to their potential. Like they are supposed to. Simply stated, this is everything for us. Look at the people in this picture. Obviously the diaper dandy Eric "EJ" Gordon is front and center. He MUST score 25 or so a game during the tourney. To his right, DeAndre Thomas must stop whining like a big baby and start playing like a big baby (Davis, that is) to give DJ a few minutes of rest during the run of games we play in March. And to Air Gordon's left, obvously Ellis must play like an IU starter is supposed to play. And honestly, I think Brandon McGee should get some minutes. He is a long, athletic forward who can rotate into our low-post game, which is just what we need.

Plese IU. Please Dan Dakich. The loss of Kelvin Sampson must be put behind us; he has moved on (to the Spurs) so we should too. Scrub the "KS" off the shoes, and lets get it done. If not for the one-and-done frosh who has turned the Fighting Illini into a bigger rival than Pathetic Purdue. If not for the greatest IU player since Calbert Cheaney: DJ White, then do it for Hoosier Nation. For the people who have lived and died by this program for generations, and those who have just recently fallen in love with it, lets go deep. Please. I'm talking second weekend at least. Let's go boys. No, lets go men. Lets go Hoosiers.