Sunday, March 9, 2008

Post-Christmas Wish List

Ahh yeah on the eve of the Big 10 Tournament I have a few wishes, actually just one:

1. That the above-mentioned players (minus Mr. Finkelmeier) play up to their potential. Like they are supposed to. Simply stated, this is everything for us. Look at the people in this picture. Obviously the diaper dandy Eric "EJ" Gordon is front and center. He MUST score 25 or so a game during the tourney. To his right, DeAndre Thomas must stop whining like a big baby and start playing like a big baby (Davis, that is) to give DJ a few minutes of rest during the run of games we play in March. And to Air Gordon's left, obvously Ellis must play like an IU starter is supposed to play. And honestly, I think Brandon McGee should get some minutes. He is a long, athletic forward who can rotate into our low-post game, which is just what we need.

Plese IU. Please Dan Dakich. The loss of Kelvin Sampson must be put behind us; he has moved on (to the Spurs) so we should too. Scrub the "KS" off the shoes, and lets get it done. If not for the one-and-done frosh who has turned the Fighting Illini into a bigger rival than Pathetic Purdue. If not for the greatest IU player since Calbert Cheaney: DJ White, then do it for Hoosier Nation. For the people who have lived and died by this program for generations, and those who have just recently fallen in love with it, lets go deep. Please. I'm talking second weekend at least. Let's go boys. No, lets go men. Lets go Hoosiers.


Young Cicero said...

Humiliating losses to Penn St. do not make me very happy.

young illiniwek said...

The Hoosiers must have not read your inspiring post.

Thanks a lot to IU.. they've set up Illinois for their 3rd humiliating loss to PSU now.

Young Knuckleballer said...

yea that shit didn't work out too well

Young Knuckleballer said...

If PSU would have beaten us with their best 2 players not out for the season, it would have been a bad loss...but that defeat today was downright embarrassing. It's a dark day for Hoosier Basketball.