Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Girls wear some stupid shit

While pursuing a graduate degree at the esteemed University of Georgia, Young Swole is happily able to observe the greatness that is the ladies that attend this school. As my friends can attest, Young Sweezy quite often brags sabout the aesthetic appeal of the co-eds that attend our little school here in Athens, Georgia. Thanks to their collective efforts, our ladies have made UGA a stronghold of SEC Poon.

However, while most ladies uphold their civic duty to look amazing for us male students here at school, there are still the dumb broads that look highly ridiculous. Case in point, it is 65 degrees here today which is a perfect opportunity for all of Georgia's ladies to show off the beauty that God gave them. Most fulfill this opportunity and make any walk around campus highly enjoyable. But unfortunately, Young Swole saw one hoe who almost ruined the day. She was wearing a t-shirt and some exercise shorts, which is fine, but for some unknown reason she decided to wear those Uggs boots with them. Young Swole says fuck that. Its 65 degrees so you don't need boots bitch. We are also in a horrible drought, so there's no water on the sidewalks to avoid, so boots become pointless. And finally, by wearing those stupid ass boots, you not only make yourself look stupid, but you remind Young Swole of all the northern girls who thought this looked good as well and inspired him to move south.

So for all the ladies out there who read this blog, please leave the Uggs boots at home the next time you go out in public. Not only do you have serious competition in the looks department at a school like UGA, but you also have standards to uphold being a southern woman at a school that specializes in dank SEC Poon. Get it fixed hoes.


Young Knuckleballer said...

Let's be serious here...women don't read this blog.

Young Porque said...

Let's be serious... no one reads this blog but the 4 of us.