Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bizzaro Sports World

If you haven't already heard, Hideki Matsui got married this week. Godzilla apparently made the announcement at a press conference and showed members of the media a picture of his wife that resembled a police sketch. He described her as a "civilian". On top of this, Matsui divulged that just a day before his wedding, he made a bet with Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu that he'd be the first to get married. He won a G from each on the scam. Who knew the Japanese were so nutty?

Source: Washington Post

Speaking of Crazy Asians...we've already heard some commentary on GDB about the controversy at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. Well the story gets more twisted than the Yangtze River. Westerners are pissed off, literally, about the facilities in Beijing. No, I'm not talking about the Amazing Water Cube. The estimated 40 Billion Dollars worth of Venues aren't equipped with proper Western toilets. The Chinese use squat lavetories instead of the traditional American Sit-down toilets and apparently this doesn't sit well with the foreign Olympic visitors. Yao Hui, deputy head of venue management for the Olympic games in China said that renovations will be made starting immediately. It's a good thing, because now the Water Cube can stay as crystal clear as it was meant to be.

Source: BBC

Let's head back to the States where trouble is brewing on the west coast for an Oregon University student. Grant Wahl wrote an article in Sports Illustrated about despicable behavior by student sections at college basketball games (not my opinion at all). In the story, there was a picture of the Oregon fans booing Kevin Love earlier this year and front and center was a kid flicking off K Love. After the article was published, the father of the rabid fan wrote in to SI bashing his son saying that he was embarrassed of the kid's behavior and that he had taken his car away. He went his son back to school (1100 miles away) on a public bus. Luckily for the student, OU is known as being the biggest stoner school in the US, so he'll be able to enjoy some sticky on that ridiculously long bus ride.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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