Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blank Check Revisited

Remember "Blank Check"? It was a Disney movie from the mid-90's about a kid who gets his bike run over by a mobster and gets a blank check for his troubles. The kid uses his computer to write the check for 1 Million Dollars (que Dr. Evil laugh) and goes on a crazy spending spree in which he buys a castle, giant sumo suits, a waterslide, virtual reality games, a race track and more (I bet if you actually looked at the receipts, this would have cost well over 10 mill). The plan backfires on him when the money dries up and the mobster comes looking for the cash. Like most Disney endings though, everything's all good in the end. I'm sure that pretty much every kid that saw this movie wished he was in the main character's shoes, but nobody actually thought it would be possible to be in this situation. Well it is possible. Check out this story about a kid from Texas who used his dad's credit card to make all of his wildest dreams come true.

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Young Contador said...

That movie is the shit. And the Bill's Bulls are back.