Friday, June 20, 2008

Bruce Weber is a B.A.N.

Here's a direct quote from former Purdue assistant and current Illinois coach Bruce Weber when asked about the Big 10 Basketball race this year.

"The league should be wide open and we can be right in the middle of it. I do know one thing, though. I think Indiana will suck. Don't put that on the Internet."

Oh really Bruce? You honestly thought this wouldn't make it on the internet. There are numerous things wrong with this quote. First of all, a coach shouldn't be making statements like this. I'd expect it from the president of the Illini Anime Club, but not from the coach of the basketball team. This is a classless quote that has no business being said by a man in this position. It just shows what a complete joke Weber is. You would never see Tom Crean or even the Kelvin "Text Me" Sampson stooping to this level.

Speaking of jokes, I think it's hilarious that he talked shit about IU basketball considering how pathetic the Illini were last year. It's no secret that Illinois was the most dissapointing team in the league last year. They tied for second to last in the Big 10 standings. U of I also got swept by IU and lost to the juggernaut known as Tennessee State. It's hard to imagine Illinois being worse than they were last year, but anything's possible. The bottom line is, you don't make statements like this after your team was the Big 10 whipping boys last year. I'd be shocked to see the Illini make the tournament, let alone compete for the Big 10 title.


Young Por 'que said...

This doesn't really phase me coming from this jackass. The sad thing is, he is more or less pointing out the obvious. IU will have a down year. But it was also pretty classless on his part.

Young Cicero said...

I think he just got mad when he looked down one morning and realized his vagina was full of sand. Sorry Bruce!!

young illiniwek said...

Do I think it is a funny comment? Yes, especially because it was at an Illinois fan event.

Do I think he should have said it? No, especially because Illinois did suck last year and probably will not be any good this year.

But I am glad he said it because it is funny to see IU fans whine about a coach's comment being not classy when you still worship Bob Knight.

Young Swole said...

For all the stupid shit Booby Knight said and did, he never disrespected his opponents. Weber needs to STFU, learn how to win games without Bill Self's recruits and take off that impeccably awful orange suit.