Monday, August 11, 2008

Wake Up Call

With so many exciting sports stories playing out, from the resolution of the Favre/Packers saga, to the Olympic-sized beating the U.S. Men's 400m relay team put on the braggadocios French, to the build-up to September baseball, it's easy to lose focus on real world issues. However, one major story is unfolding right in front of our eyes that deserves the nation's attention: The invasion of Georgia by the Soviet Uni....I mean Russia.

While it's difficult to imagine the hellish conditions Georgians are being forced to endure right now, just like it is hard to imagine what people in Darfur, Tibet, or Iraq are living on a daily basis, there is one major issue that the Russia/Georgia conflict puts into perspective. It serves as a strong reinforcement for an increasingly obvious reality: John McCain is the only realistic choice to be our next President.

Considering the myriad of difficult international issues that will certainly face our next Commander-in-Chief, putting a political and diplomatic novice like Obama into the Oval Office would be tantamount to putting a toddler behind the wheel of a hummer. I mean, you might laugh at the commercial comparing Obama to Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton, but one of this guy's closest advisors is one of the biggest dumbshit Hollywood stars out there. To truly understand the night-and-day difference between the expirience and command that both men could potentially bring to the Nation's highest office, look no further than one of the major political figures of our country, Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton had this nugget of wisdom to offer to the voting public: "Sen. John McCain has a lifetime of experience that he'd bring to the White House. And Sen. [Barack] Obama has a speech he gave in 2002."

There is proof to the truth of those words beyond just a Hillary Clinton soundbyte, too. No one doubts that the political mastermind behind Russia's all-out ground invasion of Georgia (a small western-aligned nation that controls vital routes for energy resources) is former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. President George W. Bush once said that "I looked into his [Putin's] eyes. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy...I was able to get a sense of his soul."

Well, President Bush turned out to be pretty wrong on that one. The man who has led governmental-retaking of major media outlets, clamped down on internal dissent, and mapped out "modern" Russia's plan to retake the Sovient Bloc is anything but trustworthy. And Senator McCain knows it. To illustrate Sen. Clinton's point, Senator McCain had more insight that President Bush almost two years ago when he countered Bush's statement by saing of Putin: "I look into Putin's eyes and I see three letters, a K, a G, and a B." Anyone who doesn't understand the significance of that statement, look here, then bash yourself in the head with a tackhammer. (You're probably supporting Obama anyway).

This issue involving Russia, Georgia, and President Bush's potential successors, crystalizes the issues down into very simple terms. Who is ready to lead? Who has the expirience? Expirience counts, not only because it helps the person who has it be ready the moment he steps into the White House, but because it helps the person who has it correctly assess situations as they arise, and draw on that experience to choose the correct path to take. I know Senator McCain will take the right path, the one that will keep freedom the dominant force in our world. Senator Obama? I don't know if I'd follow him to his own campaign rally, or a George Clooney movie premiere for that matter.


Young Swole said...

Good post Ciceric One. I think the one main problem that I have with your argument is that while McCain obviously has more experience than Obama, that makes him no less likely to actually get shit done in foreign conflict. It's obvious that countries like Russia and China don't give a shit about what America thinks in these conflicts thanks to the idiocy and ineptitude of the Bush admin., so why would they even listen to anything the new pres. has to say.

The main reason I wouldn't vote for McCain is because in my eyes he's nothing more than an extension of the last 8 years, which were some of the worst politically in American history. Obama may not be George Washington, but he's also got a better chance than McCain at not being George Bush.

Anonymous said...

Just what action by any US administration, current or former, would MAKE the Communist Chinese or the Communist government of Russia care? You are good at name-calling but offer no examples.
I am also curious what you did'nt like about the last 8 years that was a REAL problem actually caused directly by the Executive Branch of government other than not keeping our borders closed to illegals.
You might want to recall what the price of gas was BEFORE the current Congress was overtaken by liberals who, as always, promised to fix anything and everything.

Obama has is, perhaps, the most completely unqualified individual ever to run for president. I base that on his complete lack-of-leadership in either the Illinois House or the US Senate. His continuous vote of "present" on more than 100 bills in Illinois demonstrate to the entire world that he is entirely incompetent or simply not able to form an opinion on important legislation. How then would he ever be able to sign or not sign legislation as President?????
Commentators have already found that when his Teleprompter is not available neither is his brain. All of his slick comments come from his speechwriters.

And, in case you just can't wait for that wonderful "windfall profits tax on oil", please remember that companies do not pay any tax--they only COLLECT taxes. Companies are then forced to increase prices to COLLECT the new, higher tax. It's a really neat system of hiding taxes in the cost of everything you buy.