Monday, September 15, 2008

Chase for the Heisman...Literally

With a third week of games in the books, we are inching ever-closer to that glorious time of year when the Football Bowl Subdivision teams start playing games that matter, instead of beating up on directional schools and hilarious also-rans like Nichols State and Florida International.

Front Runner: Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri
Week 3: 23/38, 405 Yards, 4 TD, 0 INT.
Season: 65/90, 973 Yards, 10 TD, 1 INT.
-So long as Daniel keeps putting up video game numbers on a top-5 team, the Heisman seems his to lose. The Tigers' week 1 matchup against Illinois makes it one of the few top teams (along with UGA and USC) to have faced high-level competition early, which is another plus for Daniel.

Others In Consideration:

Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
Week 3: 18/21, 304 Yards, 5 TD, 0 INT. 1 Carry, 1 Yard, 1 TD.
Season: 64/81, 882 Yards, 12 TD, 2 INT.
-Another week, another massive stat line from Young Bradford. As if tossing five scores wasn't enough, he used his legs to punch one in right on the goal line. The only thing that keeps him off Daniel's level is that OU has yet to play a challenging opponent like the Tigers have.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
Week 3: 20 Carries, 79 Yards, 1 TD
Season: 46 Carries, 306 Yards, 7 TD
-Week 3 saw rather pedestrian numbers for Moreno, at least by his standards. You can probably contribute that to his facing a tough SEC defense, the type of which he will see weekly from week 3 through the rest of the Dawgs cruel and unusual schedule.

Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
Week 3: 17/28, 172 Yards, 4 TD, 1 INT.
Season: 43/63, 510 Yards, 7 TD, 2 INT.
-The bye week did not seem to hurt USC or Sanchez much, as the Trojans gave the Buckeyes their yearly nationally-televised humiliation. Sanchez is quite efficient and is continuing the long line of impressive QB's at Southern Cal. However, he has only half the numbers of Daniel in 2/3 of the games.

Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
Week 3: BYE
Season: 30/49, 393 Yards, 3 TD, 0 INT. 22 Carries, 92 Yards.
-Being the incumbent winner is one of the only things keeping Tebow in this race. He will have to pick up the pace to become the first repeat winner in who knows how long, and this weekend against a injured-yet-dangerous Tennessee team is a perfect opportunity to remind the world how Tim Teabow rolls.

Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
Week 3: 8 Catches, 164 Yards, 3 TD.
Season: 24 Catches, 395 Yards, 5 TD.
-Week 3 saw a memorable "remember me?" 3 touchdown performance by Crabtree, the best wideout in the college game. However, it might also be time to give some respect to...

Grahm Harell, QB, Texas Tech
Week 3: 31/48, 418 Yards, 5 TD, 0 INT.
Season: 93/152, 1251 Yards, 8 TD, 3 INT.
-Harell is often dismissed as a "system quarterback," but hell, whatever that system is, let me get some of that! The dude is a machine, and Crabtree presents a perfect target to throw tons of touchdowns to all year long.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
Week 3: 6 Catches, 172 Yards, 3 TD.
Season: 12 Catches, 223 Yards, 4 TD. 5 Kick Returns, 184 Yards, 1 TD.
-As the stats show, Maclin makes the most of his looks, often breaking out for huge yardage after the catch. His abilities as a special-teams threat make him doubly dangers for Mizzou's opponents.

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