Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GDB NFL All-Pro Team

Before the playoffs start this week, GDB felt it necessary to honor the best players from the regular season.  Don't feel bad if your favorite player doesn't make this list, we don't reward reputations here, only pure brilliance and achievement.


QB - Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints.  It was a great year for quarterbacks, even with the injury to Tom Brady.  Anyone could argue for Peyton Manning or Matt Ryan to man this spot, but come on.  Brees threw for over 5,000 yards with his top 3 recieving weapons out for significant portions of the season and would have made the playoffs if he didn't play in the NFL's toughest division.

RB - Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings.  Any time you run for 1,700 yards without people noticing, you know you're damn good.  All Day made people in the NFL forget that the Vikes quarterback was Gus F'in Frerotte for most of the year, and thats quite an achievement.

RB - Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons.  The greatest free agent signing of 2008 helped the Falcons make it all the way to an 11-5 record.  

LT - Stephen Roos, Tennessee Titans.  A lynchpin of one of the strongest offensive lines in the NFL.

LG - Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota Vikings.  Still opening up big holes for All Diggity Day, even thought he may not be at an all-world level anymore.

C - Sean O'Hara, New York Giants.  Major part of the dynamic and versatile Giants O-Line, helped B Jacobs and Derrick Ward both get over 1,000 yards rushing.

RG - Tyson Clabo, Atlanta Falcons.  Symbolic of the Atlanta Falcons newfound success in the power running game.

RT - Jordan Gross, Carolina Panthers.  No team had a more dominant running game in the 2nd half of the season than Carolina, and Gross' emergence at right tackle had a lot to do with that.

WR - Andre Johnson, Houston Texans.  Simply a man among boys, Johnson is the most dominant individual player in the NFL.

WR - Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers.  When he ain't smacking teammates around, he's torching cornerbacks as the most explosive reciever in the game.

TE - Dallas Clark, Indianapolis Colts.  Him and Manning were a giant part of the Colts mad dash in the 2nd half of the season.


DE - DeMarcus Ware - Dallas Cowboys.  Despite the pathetic play of his overrated teammates, Ware continues to emerge as the best young edge rusher in the NFL, as evidenced by his 19 sacks and countless QB pressures.

DT - Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee Titans.  Buy the hype.  Everyone knew he had the talent going back to his Volunteer days, now that he's figured it out there are few as dominant in the game.

DT - Haloti Ngata, Baltimore Ravens.  Incredibly athletic for a 350 pound man, Ngata's run stuffing ability has allowed the Ravens' linebackers and safeties to be so aggressive and destructive.

DE - John Abraham, Atlanta Falcons.  As a pass rushing specialist there was none better in the game this year.  His constant pressure helped save the Falcons in many games this year.

OLB - James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers.  The best Steeler linebacker since Greg Lloyd.  Harrison is as good rushing the passer as he is at stopping the run, and he makes huge plays every game.

MLB - Keith Bulluck, Tennessee Titans.  This guy has been a great linebacker for over a decade.  His leadership and talent helped make the Titans defense so imposing this year.

OLB - Joey Porter, Miami Dolphins.  I never thought i'd include Peezy in a list like this, but it would be ignorant to dismiss his contribution the the miraculous Dolphins turnaround.

CB - Cortland Finnegan, Tennessee Titans.  The most physical corner in the NFL.

CB - Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh Steelers.  A couple years ago he was benched by his coaches, now he has improved into as close to a shutdown corner as the NFL rules will allow.

FS - Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens.  The best safety the NFL has seen since Ronnie Lott.

SS - Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers.  Spiritual leader of the best defense in the NFL this season.  Can truly do it all on defense.

P - Mike Scifres, San Diego Chargers.  Led the league in average, good enough for me.

K - Steven Gostwowski, New England Patriots.  Led the league in points, good enough for me.

KR - Johnnie Lee Higgins, Oakland Raiders.  Not a great year for kick returners, but this guy scored td's and has an awesome name, which is good enough for me.

Coach  of the year - Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins.  Took chances on unwanted players and then coached them up from a 1 win to an 11 win team.

Rookie of the Year - Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons.  How is it that he is better as an NFL rookie than he was as a college senior.  

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