Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aussie Open Predictions

The Aussie Open is about to switch into overdrive, with some of the dankest matchups ever seen by man bound to take place. GDB's resident tennis experts Young Swole and Young Knucklers took time out of one of there battles at Cascade Courts to predict the winners of the remaining round of 16 matches and also 2 quarterfinals. Here are our predictions complete with cutting insight and brutally honest analysis.

Sweet 16 Matchups

Rafael Nadal (1) -vs- Fernando Gonzalez (13)

Swole - Nadal. "Gonzo makes errors, Nadal does not."
Knasty - Nadal. "Too much Peezy"

Gilles Simon (6) -vs- Gael Monfils (12)

Swole -Monfils. " Monfils has too much speed and youthful exuberance"
Knasty - Simon. "He is the happier frenchman"

Andy Murray (4) -vs- Fernando Verdasco (14)

Swole - Murray. "Murray is well-rested and is hungry for spanish blood"
Knasty - Murray. "I dont knowwwwwww"

James Blake (9) -vs- Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (5)

Swole - Blake. "Blake is hongry and Tsonga's back condition will hurt him"
Knasty - Blake. "Bigger and Blacker"

Monday's Quarterfinals

Roger Federer (2) -vs- Juan Del Potro (8)

Swole - Federer. "Potro is going to clam up on such a big stage."
Knasty - Federer "Del Potro loves the sticky too much"

Andy Roddick (7) -vs- Novak Djokovic (3)

Swole - Djokovic. "Djokovic advances in an epic 5 set brew battle, then throws a chair"
Knasty - Roddick. "Roddick has the hotter bitch and pleasures him in the sweet spot aka diggity deez nuts"