Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BCS Championship Predictions

I hate both these teams. I hate Tim Tebow. I hate that stupid song that Oklahoma plays after every 3 yard run they make. With that said, its still important to list some key factors to watch for tomorow night:


- The biggest reason that Oklahoma put up such ridiculous offensive numbers is because Sam Bradford barely got touched all season. For Florida to slow down the Sooners offense, it will be imperative to create some pressure. Remember that Texas had a premier edge rusher in Brian Orakpo, Florida is going to need a Jermaine Cunningham or Carlos Dunlap to provide a similar dynamic on the defensive side.

- Florida also has to be careful to not become one dimensional on offense. Of course we all know Tebow is god and all, but the pattern has been to give him the ball too much when the game is on the line which makes the Gator offense highly predictable. This is why they lost to Ole Miss earlier this year. Even if Percy Harvin's inflamed pussy keeps him out of this game, Urban Meyer has to understand that Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey must get touches. It probably won't be too hard to score on Oklahoma, but Florida will be much likely to make big plays if they let other people than Tebow get the ball.


- The first thing they have to do is set a physical tone. Florida has a reputation for being soft in big games. All those pretty boy recievers love to run around and look nice, but they shell up when they get hit in the mouth. If the Sooners can play some smash mouth offense and knock Tebow's weapons off their game, then they've got a shot.

- The Sooners better have learned how to tackle better in practice too. Florida's skill guys are too damn dangerous if you don't wrap up on them. The only defenses that can slow down the Gators have to be fundamentally sound and not make mistakes. This means no yards after the catch, and no stupid penalties.


Florida is going to lay the wood to Oklahoma for two major reasons. The first is obvious, Oklahoma's defense sucks. They haven't faced an offense with as many playmakers as Florida's to date, and the Gators team speed is going to leave the Sooners' inept defense constantly out of position. The second reason is that Oklahoma is not going to find things as easy on offense as it has lately. Sam Bradford got fat on facing awful defenses all year, but it is going to take him a while to adjust to Florida. Those easy throws are not going to be as wide open as they usually are, and i think this could lead to early turnovers. Combine these two reasons with Oklahoma's propensity to play like ass in big games and the fact that this is basically a home game for the Gators leads to an inevitable rout. Florida wins 55-27

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