Friday, February 22, 2008

Black Friday

Excellent Dan Wetzel column that really hits the main talking points about Kelvin Sampson and his tenure at IU.


young illiniwek said...

"The easiest thing to do was to whine that some extra phone calls shouldn’t even be considered cheating. This wasn’t a bag of cash to a recruit or a fixed transcript or a team that keeps running afoul with the law."

This sounds familiar Cicero.. haha.

IU knew what they were getting when they hired him. If they were so worried about their reputation, they would have never hired him in the first place or fired him before the season when they reported those violations.

young illiniwek said...

CBS Sports is now reporting that Sampson is suspended for the rest of the year and that IU will likely fire him after that.

Young Cicero said...

That is why this tears me is so much more trivial than many other rules violations, but the mere fact that he did violates the rules necessitates his firing. I'm upset that it has to happen but I understand why. B

young illiniwek said...

There is a real possibility that IU may play NW tomorrow with only 7 players. 6 players are not practicing with the team today, including DJ, Ellis, Thomas, Crawford, and Bassett.

At least Gordon and 5 scrubs will still probably beat NW.

Young Cicero said...

maybe because they'll be at the press conf.?

Please Lord let that be so.

Young Swole said...

IU shoulda hired Bruce Pearl instead of Kelvin