Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Fantasy Prognostications

Fantasy, as well as the MLB, season is upon us!! Hooray! In honor of this hallowed rite of spring, I'd like to offer a few predictions for the fantasy season...a season in which otherwise-unknowns like Delmon Young and Ryan Zimmerman can be crucial to a team, where defense doesn't matter, where people are even more concerned about closers-in-waiting and blown saves than the actual teams dealing with them, and where A-Rod is, well, still basically A-Rod.

Fantasy MVP: Alex Rodriguez - the guy is an animal

Fantasy Bust: Scott Kazmir-say hello to the new Ben Sheets/Rich Harden?

Best Hitter: A-Rod-duh

Best Pitcher: Justin Verlander-"the juggernaut"

Breakout Hitter: Kosuke Fukudome-Ichiro with pop

Breakout Pitcher: Brian Bannister-more run support + expirience = bright spot in KC

Most HR: Ryan Howard-they still can't test for HGH!

Most RBI: A-Rod-the Yankees lineup is still good

Most Runs: Jimmy Rollins-he's not even 30

Best AVG/Batting Title: Robinson Cano-finally delivering on the promise

Best ERA: Jake Peavy-he's that damn good

Most Wins: Justin Verlander-easy to rack up W's pitching for an All-Star team

Most Strikeouts: Justin Verlander-he brings the gas, too

Most Saves: J.J. Putz-he did it last year, and the team is only getting better

Player who regains the most fantasy-relevance: Andruw Jones-free of Contract-year distraction

Player who will get hurt soon and crush their owners' hopes: Kerry Wood and/or Ben Sheets


Young Knuckleballer said...

The Juggernaut can't be stopped. He'll eat your children if you don't watch out.

Young Knuckleballer said...

Also Ben Sheets dieing wouldn't crush my hopes, i only drafted him at pick 130