Monday, March 31, 2008

Dangerous MLB 2008 Predictions

Opening day, along with the Masters, are the two ultimate signs that Spring has arrived. And with one of the most exciting baseball season's on tap, its time for Young Swole to make his legendary picks once again.


AL East Winner - Boston Red Sox
AL Central Winner - Cleveland Indians
AL West Winner - LA Angels
AL Wild Card - Detroit Tigers
AL Pennant - Detroit Tigers

NL East Winner - Atlanta Braves
NL Central Winner - Chicago Cubs
NL West Winner - Arizona D'Backs
NL Wild Card - Milwaukee Brewers
NL Pennant - Atlanta Braves

World Series: Tigers over Braves in 6

Player Predictions
AL MVP - Grady Sizemore
AL Cy Young - Justin Verlander
AL Rookie of the Year - Evan Longoria

NL MVP - Mark Teixeira
NL Cy Young - Jake Peavy
NL Rookie of the Year - Jay Bruce

Bumtastic Awards
AL Shittiest Team - Baltimore Orioles
AL Shittiest Player - Erasmus Rasmer, NY Yankees
AL Biggest Waste of talent - JD Drew, Boston Red Sox

NL Shittiest Team - San Francisco Giants
NL Shittiest Player - Al Reyes, St. Louis
NL Biggest Waste of talent - Andruw Jones, LA Dodgers

Announcer Predictions
Best Game Announcer - Jon Miller, ESPN
Best Color Commentator - Rick Sutcliffe, ESPN
Best Studio Host - Karl Ravech, ESPN
Worst Game Announcer - Joe Buck, Fox
Worst Color Commentator - Steve "Bum" Phillips
Worst Studio Host - Jeannie Zelasko
Most Missed Man in Broadcasting - Harold Reynolds
Best Sideline Reporter - Always and Forever Erin Andrews and her precocious nits

Fan Predictions
Best Fans - Philadelphia Phillies
Worst Fans - Boston Red Sox
Most apathetic fans - Atlanta Braves
Loudest fans - Philadelphia Phillies
Quietest fans - Pittsburgh Pirates (there are none)
Most likely group of fans to get arrested at the ballpark - NY Yankees
Most likely group of fans to like the D: Boston Red Sox


Young Por 'que said...

Normally I would agree that Jon Miller takes the cake as the best announcer, but if last night was any indication on what the rest of the season is going to be like, Sunday Night Baseball is going to be getting TIVO'd a lot and fast forwarded through. He and Joe sounded completely off and I foudn them to be stammering and at a loss for words the entire time.

Young Por 'que said...
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Young Cicero said...

Actually its Anthony Reyes from St. Louis, not Al Reyes. Al Reyes is a setup man for Tampa Bay.

young illiniwek said...

Joe Buck is awful

Young Por 'que said...

Tough to win the WS when you get swept by the Royals!