Saturday, April 26, 2008

GDB Reader's Poll

Since we all know those shiny-haired "yes" men at ESPN don't know jack about sports, or at least about sports that aren't played in NY and Boston, we are asking you, the millions of GDB readers, to post replies to a few sports related questions:

1. What MLB pitcher would you least like to step into the batters box against?

2. What MLB hitter would you least like to pitch to?

3. If you could pick any baseball player to build a franchise around, who would it be?

4. What NBA player would you pick to build your team around?

5. If you had the #1 pick in the 2008 NFL draft, who would you have taken??


Young Cicero said...

1. Justin Verlander OR Erik Bedard. Both throw damn hard, and lefties would be the worst.

2. Up until 2 years ago, I would have said Gary Sheffield. That bat-swinging motion is hella intimidating, but now it is King Albert for sure.

3. Either one of the Upton Bros.

4. Dwight Howard. Might change when I see Greg Oden play.

5. Run DMC for sure. Except I would make sure he had a 24-hour chaperon to make sure he doesn't make any more babies.

young illiniwek said...

1) Carlos Marmol

2) Manny

3) Upton bros are a good call, but I think I'd pick either Utley or Hanley.. probably Hanley.

4) LBJ or CP3. I'll go with LBJ

5) Jake Long.. it all starts up front

Young Por 'que said...

1.) God, I would probably say Johan. He would just make me look silly.

2.) Manny Ramirez for sure.

3.) Hanley Ramirez. He does everything from the lead off spot.

4.) Agree with illiniwek, either CP3 or LBJ. I'll take CP3 though. He just makes everyone around him better, as opposed to Lebron who is an amazing player and can make a team better but not necessarily those he plays with better.

5.) Can't go wrong with either McFadden or Jake Long, but I would probably take Jake Long even though I think Gholston could be a beast.

Young Swole said...

1. Mariano Rivera. If MLB's haven't hit him in 15 years, how could i possibly?

2. Hanley Ramirez, he is KILLING me this week in fantasy

3. Hanley Ramirez again.

4. Chris Paul because he is completely unstoppable.

5. Knowshon Moreno

Young Knuckleballer said...

First of all I love how you ask the Millions of GDB readers to post, and 4 of the 5 comments are from Brew Barons. To quote NFL Blitz 2000, "We're pathetic."

1.) Present day, I'd have to say Johan. Retro, it's got to be Randy Johnson in the 90's with the Mariners. The Big Unit was one tall intimidating mofo, plus he had a mullet.
2.) When healthy, Gary Sheffield is a scary scary guy. His swing is the most violent in the majors and last year he showed that he hasn't lost the fire.
3.) Gotta be Hanley Ramirez. He's got at least 10 years of elite production left and he's can do it all from fielding, to power, to speed. Chances of him being on the Marlins in 2 year, 0 %.
4.) Anybody that doesn't say Lebron is full of shit or just wants to sound cool. In a pick up game, he would embarrass all challengers. He's an unselfish raging bull.
5.) Young Swole must have been smoking crack rock when he made the comment about Knowshon because we all know he's gonna go the route of Maurice Clarett in a couple years. I think this answer depends on need. I hate to pick an SEC thug, but I don't see how you can go wrong with Darren McFadden. Worst case scenario, he's a good tandem guy like Marion Barber. Best case, he's the next purple Jesus.

Young Cicero said...

haha yeah, in three years we will be hearing stories about a geeked out Knowshon telling his roomates in Broncos training camp that he has to "get his goose on" before he practices, then jumping in a car loaded with weapons and bullet proof vests, driving to the homes of his baby mammas.

Young Swole said...

which would still make him 10 times less dangerous than Leonard Little

Young Por 'que said...

The millions are on their way Young Kunckler. Just wait til everyone catches wind of the Draft Blog. That will put us on the map!

And great commentary from Cicero. I think I need to "get my goose on too".

Young Cicero said...

Leonard Little can definitely do some damage when he smokes dudes in the face with a Superbowl ring on his fist.