Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barack Obama... Just Another Chump

Swole was chilling at the Taco Stand last night before going to the America Party at JR's Bait Shack. Between watching ex-Tiger Jair Jurrjens throw a three hitter against the Jays and drowning brew after delicious brew, I caught a MSNBC feed which showed Barack Obama campaigning together with Hillary Clinton. Things are cool between them now, Hillary saying Obama is amazing and the greatest politician ever, Obama saying Hillary is an incredible woman and is very thankful for her support of him. There's even rumors that Obama may ask Hillary to be his Vice President, creating a "dream team" Democratic ticket for this fall's election.

Now wait a damn second.

Am I the only one who sees this as one of the most hypocritical political actions in recent memory?? I thought that Obama was all about "change" and now he's uniting with the old guard that he so successfully ran against. Are Obama supporters so nieve and blind that they can't see through this? Basically the only reason we even know who Barack Obama is today is that he fought against a political aristocracy that has been running this country for nearly two decades and which had disenfranchised millions of Americans with their greed, corruption and failure. He has become one of the most popular American politics thanks to a manufactured impression that he actually cares for the people who are going to vote for him and because he's not going to play into all the bullshit that Washington DC craps out.

Like many Americans disgusted with our political situation, I drank the Kool-Aid. Obama seemed believable and trustworthy moreso than Hillary Clinton or John McCain, and with his campaign for "change" so relentlessly conveyed to our nation it actually seemed that maybe in fact this was the brash new candidate that we needed to finally push the Bush and Clinton cartel out of our lives for good. Obama maintained his mantra and convictions in the midst of all sort of attacks from all sides such as the Jeremiah Wright fiasco, campaign financing and questions of leadership experience. When he finally received the democratic nomination for president it seemed like there had been a sea change in American politics. Our country had spoken and it had said that we demanded a candidate who would not repeat all the garbage of the last 20 years, but instead would bring a new vision to our presidency that was sorely lacking.

So now I look on the news and see this same Barack Obama, the man all about change and the new way of doing politics, teaming up with Hillary Clinton and basically making his whole campaign platform obsolete. If he had been true to his word, Obama wouldn't have needed Hillary's supports to aid in his campaign. If he had really believed in the message he has been delivering since the Iowa Primary, then it would have given him the faith that the American public would make him our next president despite earning the votes of the sore losers that didn't get their way when Hillary lost to him. Instead of being what he said he was, a candidate of change, Obama has finally shown his true colors. He really is nothing more than a new pretty face that did a great job of convincing American voters to support a candidate that will do the same things that has been done in the past, and has made so many in our country hate the political industry. Every Obama supporter got a slap in the face from a man they believed in because he really is no different than every grimeball politician that he seemed to try and be distant from. Barack Obama is nothing more than a hapless man that will abuse the American public and political process to ensure success and to continue a status quo in our government that has made our country fall far behind the rest of the world.

I should have realized it was too good to be true when i heard Obama speaking about all the changes he was going to make. I should have known that once Hillary finally lost that the two would probably unite in one form of another. I guess I made the mistake of trusting a politician, which is about as useful as trusting a used-car salesman. And maybe I feel like the idiot now for actually having hope in someone to emerge from the broken system that has become American politics, but i will tell you what. When Obama gets elected president, and becomes nothing more than the same politician that all his supporters had grown to hate so much, I'll be the one who will be there laughing at you for not realizing all this shit had happened right before your eyes and that you were too stupid to think Barack Obama was anything more than a hustler of your idealism.


dr. burns said...

Swole, the truth of the matter is that in order for Obama to initiate all these changes that he's been campaigning for, he needs to get into office first. And while he's currently leading McCain in the polls, you can bet your ass that the crazy bible beaters and right wing psychos are going to spend the next few months tearing him down. Obama's biggest strength (that he is young and fresh-faced) ironically gives rise to his biggest weakness (that he is arugably inexperienced and naive on matters of security and foreign policy), so I think someone with Hillary's experience is actually an acceptable choice to counter that predictable criticism that is gonna be thrown at him 24/7 until Election Day.

Is she the best choice? Probably not, but I'm simply not floored by the proposition of putting her ass on the ticket.

Should she run as his VP, it will be interesting to see how McCain uses the infinite number of sounds bites of those two ripping on eachother to his advantage.

Young Knuckleballer said...

As a member of the working media I get a chance to see news video before the viewing public. Today I saw a pathetic display of so-called "Unity" between Barack and Hillary in Unity, New Hampshire. Now this already sounds ridiculous enough, but things escalated into a full-blown charade. Barack got the crowd to chant "Hillary Rocks" and they wore matching outfits. Awkward PDA was exchanged and to the ignorant audience, the two are united as friends. What a load of horseshit. It's clear these two hate eachother's guts and this can never work. They blasted one another on the daily and their ideals are just way too different. I'd be shocked to see them team up, even if it means a distinct advantage in the polls. Really if somehow these two make it into office, shit will never get done. What a disaster. What once looked like a promising change in political landscapes has turned into an uglier scene than an Iraqi village.

Young Knuckleballer said...

Did I mention Hillary is a huge bitch?

The Chocolate Puma said...

I was gonna say everything the two esteemed gentlemen before me said, particularly the assertion by Young Knuckleballer that Hillary is indeed a bitch. A mega one. Well said gentlemen.

Young Cicero said...

All the ammunition against Barack has already been supplied by his democratic primary rivals.

Chocolate Puma you are my new role model due to your inspirational name.