Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 1 Euro Thoughts

The Czech defeated Switzerland 1-0, and Portugal beat Turkey 2-0. Here are some observations from the first day of the tournament.

- Portugal has a really solid team, but I don't see how they can win without a real striker up top. Nuno Gomes has never really done anything in all of the games I've seen him, and they don't have Pauleta or Figo this time around to consistently score. Cristiano Ronaldo did look pretty good today, and should have no problem getting his chances in the group stages, but I think a physical team like Germany or Croatia could give Portugal's smallish midfielders a lot of problems.

- On the note of CR, please get off his balls ESPN. Literally every ball he completed was considered an "act of genius" by the 2 doofuses calling the game. Look we know Ronaldo had an awesome season for Man U and is one of the best ballplayers in the world, but lets slow our roll down before anointing him the savior of football.

- Turkey is a better team than i thought. Auerelio and Altintop are pretty damn good midfielders and Nihat was dangerous up top. Even though they lost today i don't think they are out of this thing. This is partially because the Czech looked very underwhelming today. Without Rosicky and Nedved in the middle there is no creativity at all in this side, and even the boring Swiss were running the play in the second half.

- I'm glad Sebastian Frei got hurt. The last thing we need is a bitch to cry after hurting their knee. Oh wait, isn't that what Paul Pierce did on Thursday?

-Pepe is a really damn good defender for Portugal, him and Carvalho could be the best central pairing in the whole competition.

Thats all i've got for today, I'm off to play tennis in 100 degree heat. Catch all you bitches tomorrow.

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