Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Quick Belmont Stakes Preview

So a horse named Big Brown is going for the Triple Crown today. I guess that would be the first time its happened in 30 years or so, which makes it newsworthy somehow. What it really does is overshadow how a cruel sport has continued on for way too long without any sort of criticism. ABC probably won't mention these facts during their telecast, but GDB factors all the necessary information into our equation, regardless of whether its politically correct or not....

- Big Brown takes steroids, and has throughout his triple crown campaign. The horses trainer spouts off some BS about how it makes the horse get more endurance, which makes it more convenient for that same trainer to abuse the animal by running it way more than it should. The steroids they give to horses like Big Brown give them more mass, make them feel stronger and thus place much more stress on their very thin and fragile legs. We saw what happened to 8 Belles at the Kentucky Derby, and that sad fate was caused by practices like giving horses Winstrol becoming accepted.

- Its going to be about 100 degrees in New York today, yet the race will still go on. I'd like to see how all of the fat asses drinking all afternoon and all the stupid looking ladies in their retarded dresses would fare if they had to run a mile and a half in that heat. Happily ignoring that, these horses will be forced to run that entire distance in stifling conditions just to appease the owners of the horses and the jockey's who are beating them with barbed whips the entire time. But this isn't animal cruelty, this is a "sport".

- Those same owners who very obviously don't care much about their animals are a bunch of rich assholes who would rather spend their money parading their neighing toys around in front of other rich assholes then actually spending it on something worthwhile. And for all these horses they buy, only a few are actually sent out to stud and enjoy a normal life for a horse. The rest are killed so that there can be room for more new show toys in the owner's stables.

I could go on for hours about other problems with horse racing like the gambling issues, the mafia connections or the idiotic claim that horses are athletes, but I already feel like I've wasted enough time on this stupid topic that for some reason has become an event in the eyes of our nation. I just hope anyone that plans on watching the race this afternoon will remember that you are basically watching animal cruelty live on TV, and that it is being glorified right in front of your eyes. I guess Michael Vick should have invested in Bad Newz Stables instead.

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