Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Sad Summer in the Hoosier State

The picture above was taken on Kirkwood Avenue, the main street in Bloomington, Indiana. Last week, extreme flooding overtook the midwest and made life unbearable in numerous cities including the one where Indiana University is located in. The damage caused by this could have some irreparable effects on the campus.

A similar situation occured to the Hoosier basketball team this year. After the disgraceful scandel involved with the Kelvin Sampson regime caused IU to fall from Top 10 to first round exiters, things went from bad to worse this offseason. On top of the players that graduated/entered the draft, 7 other players have left the program/were kicked off the team. This includes the newest member of the drop-out club, Jordan Crawford. His family announced yesterday that he would not return to play for IU next year. Crawford would have been the only returning Hoosier with a scoring average over 1.8 pts from last year's squad.

Well, now Indiana has just one scholarship player on the roster now that all 3 top 150 recruits have backed out of their commitments. Coach Tom Crean is going to have a hell of a time turning this program around and I would love to see him do it but I'm not going to hold my breath over the next 3 years.

Oh, I didn't even mention that the NCAA will meet over the next couple of weeks to discuss possible sanctions against IU regarding the Kelvin Sampson violations. Let's just say, it sucks to be a Hoosier right now.

UPDATE: The Hearing starts tommorrow...Friday the 13th.


Young Por 'que said...

Actually that street is Dunn, but let's not split hairs (although that would have been a good pun - Indiana Basketball is "Dunn" next year).

Anyways, it is what it is. We made a stupid mistake in hiring that scumbag piece of shit who, even I, fell in love with initially. He blinded all of us with his promises and now we all look like fools. Hopefully they do just ban us from the post season next year (not like we will make it anyways), let Crean start from scratch, and see where he takes the program.

Crawford leaving might be for the best. The cloud that is Sampson is more or less gone and now we can see what this "savior" can do for our program.

It could be worse. At least we don't go to Georgia.

Young Cicero said...

Or Illinois

Young Knuckleballer said...

At Binghamton University, the Head B-ball Coach (Kevin Broadus) shoved the Assistant Coach from Albany after a home loss. He only got a 1 game suspension.

Young Knuckleballer said...

Also isn't that the corner of Dunn and Kirkwood like a block away from 420?

Young Por 'que said...

Ya, this was pretty much our back yard.

Is that Josh Winer in the picture?

Young Cicero said...

yep...Por'Que and I would have been chiefin' balls and rocking out upstairs while Andy's only hope would have been to use Bentley or Sanfran as a life raft.