Thursday, February 14, 2008

Congress is the opposite of Progress

I'm fucking sick of the government getting involved in sports.  These are games of entertainment.  While I realize the NBA, MLB, NFL, and other sports associations are businesses, what makes the US government think that they can get involved?   They are ruining the sports that I love and live for.  I want to watch my favorite players blast homers, pull off ridiculous dunks, and make crazy helmet catches.  Today was one of the most depressing days of sports that I can ever remember.  Forget the fact that the IU basketball team took a miserable home loss to Wisconsin.  The major story was the recruiting violations that Kelvin Sampson is experiencing outside of the court.  This makes me sick to my stomach and I wish we could focus on the basketball games and not the bullshit that goes on outside of the game.  After watching Sportscenter, I wanted to throw my TV out the window.  The three stories that I saw in a 30 minute viewing period were the Hoosier Recruiting Scandel, the Roger Clemens Steroid Incident, and the Spygate saga.  Now, I realize steroids are illegal in baseball, but why the fuck does this need to involve US Senators?  Stop wasting our tax dollars on this shit and focus on things that really matter, like crime, immigration, and war.  I saw Roger Clemens and some spectacled jamoke named McNamee blab on my screen for 20 minutes too long.  I can't wait for the games to begin.  This is already a weak time of the year for sports, so why does ESPN have to bog it down with bullshit that doesn't have anything to do with the games being played.  Even more absurd than the Roger Clemens trial is the Spygate shit.  Ok, we had to be subjected to this enough in September, but now it should be in the same place as the 2007 Patriots...history.  Why does some douchebag named Arlen Spector think that this tired old story need to be brought up again.  Does he have an election coming up?  Or does he just want his 15 minutes.  Clearly, he just doesn't want to do real make our country better.  Stop wasting out time and money and do your job you worthless piece of shit.  Fuck you, and fuck the government for getting involved in the sports I love.


Young Por 'que said...

Angry little man.

Congress has a right to intervene with football (and I believe also with baseball) due to the anti-trsust agreements both organizations have with Congress. So that is why they are getting involved.

Plus, Specter wants to make sure his Philadelphia Eagles didn't get screwed out of a Super Bowl a few years ago.

Young Taco Maker said...

daily show did some nice coverage of this shit. they pointed out that specter was intent on investigating baseball and football while ignoring some much needed investigation as to why the CIA destroyed video evidence of waterboarding prisoners.