Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dick Vitale's Throat Sounds Like He's Been Sucking Too Much D

Dick Vitale is always a man of emotion, but he needs to leave the analysis to the experts. He covered play by play for the IU/MSU game tonight (which the Hoosiers dominated) and sounded like a hoarse retard. I realize he just got throat surgery, but that doesn't excuse his outlandish and ridiculous comments all game long. No joke, 90 percent of the time he was talking was about how Kelvin Sampson is an embarrassment and needs to be fired tommorow. Whether that's true or not, he sounded like a broken record and refused to acknowledge the outstanding performance by IU and Sampson in the game. With all the distractions surrounding the contest with Sampson's recruiting violations, why did we need to hear about it the entire game. I realize that it's important, but wasn't there a fucking game going on? It made it nearly impossible to watch. Shut the fuck up old man river before I break your hip. Go HOOSIERS. Boiler Up Yours.

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Young Cicero said...

bengie molina hits cleanup. nuff said.