Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bliss of March

I don't know if UGA can win tomorrow but i am just thankful that a bottom-of-the-barrel team has a chance to receive an NCAA bid with one more victory. Our team hasn't been that good, but its impossible not to respect the effort the team has put forth this weekend. Now they are only 40 minutes away from quite possibly the most improbable tournament run in history. The fact that a team that had such a terrible season has earned a shot at redemption with the ultimate reward of an NCAA tournament bid on the line is why March Madness is the greatest sporting event on the face of the planet. More commentary tomorrow, I'm just happy to be enjoying the ride tonight


dr. burns said...

1) Oh Young Schweezy, I dig the late night post. And I love your love for Dave Bliss. Who was it last night that said Felton's wife probably has a stache just like his?

2) Hell yeah Arkansas.

3) Happy birthday to Burns. I think for the big day, my J-Hawks will hook themselves a top seed in the tourney.

4) Too bad K-State ducked out of the Big 12 Tourney so early; I was hoping for that Africa matchup that Beasley spoke of.

5) I love March.

Young Knuckleballer said...

Lousy Smarch Weather