Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eagle and Dragon

I usually try to confine the political aspect of my posts to ones that are a direct commentary of the ongoing Presidential election. However, ever since it was announced that Beijing would be hosting the 2008 Olympics, I have made my displeasure known to many friends and acquaintances. So now that concerns over The Games taking place in Communist China have become a national concern all of the sudden, I guess it is appropriate to comment on why this is such a terrible idea right here on GDB.

(And go ahead, China, censor me and ban GDB from your country! We still have millions and millions of loyal fans who will continue to support us)

-The communist regime running China has committed atrocities as heinous as those in Darfur, Somalia, The Balkans, Iraq, etc. If force is appropriate there, something more serious should be done in the wake of what has been decades of ongoing oppression of numerous sub-sets of the Chinese population. You name it, the Chinese government hates it: nationalistic Tibetans, Taiwanese, Christians, Muslims, and the list goes on. And we know what they do to people who they don't like, it has been broadcast time and again on our own national television networks.

-China, and to a lesser extent, Russia, repeatedly oppose the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, and every other freedom-loving civilization that is a member of the United Nations, by protecting belligerent nations like Iran and North Korea.

-Olympic facilities like the "Birds Nest" and Water Cube are being built by what amounts to modern-day slave labor. Everyone, including children, are being put to work for pennies on this amazing facilities that will be a positive representation and symbol for the country when broadcast over television, but few will know of the price paid for their construction.

-People and even cats are forcibly relocated to make room to these improvements and construction projects.

China, with its billion or so people and centuries of history, has a wealth of culture and knowledge to share with the world. But all of that is either tainted by the fact that it is propagated by a dangerous and ruthless government, or that it is hidden from view by that same government, which should prevent us from enjoying it. President Bush and other heads of state should not allow their attendance give credit or publicity to the government of the People's Republic of China until it actually becomes a republic of the people.

And if you don't want to hear it from me, just listen to Steven Spielberg...

UPDATE: 17 minutes after my original posting of this article, this became a drudgereport.com headline....CALLS MOUNT FOR OLYMPIC CEREMONY BOYCOTT. I knew some frenchman had said it, but when its the major Drudge headline, you know its tight.


Young Swole said...

Great post Cicero. The Beijing Olympics are going to be *the* news story of 2008 and may possibly play a hand in how the rest of the 21st Century will play out.

Young Knuckleballer said...

This great work Cicero. Excellent research. It's one thing to just spout opinions (like I usually do), but to back your shit up with numerous informative articles really sways the reader. I already considered this an important issue, but now I see how serious the situation is. 1 and a half million people displaced? That's like making the entire population of Indianapolis AND San Francisco and forcing them to leave to other parts of the country. Boycotting isn't going to help at this point though. It's way too late and people should have thought about this 6 years ago when the Olympic Committee announced this.

Young Cicero said...

Too true.

Young Knuckleballer said...

to be real though, even though slave labor is building those structures, that water cube is pretty amazing.