Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dick Vitale wants Indiana to hire Bob Knight back- Funny

Watch The General's Facial Expressions. Priceless. Anyone that thinks he's comin' back to coach the Hoosiers is off their rocker. Although, there's still a better chance he comes to IU than Georgia. Sorry Swole, but he'd have to be senile to do that.


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

Young Swole said...

We never really wanted Booby Knight here, we just wanted to see Young Cicero's reaction and subsequent suicide if it did.

Young Contador said...

I must say, I did check the comments hoping to hear Young Cicero's reaction. I'm dissapointed he has not weighed in.

Young Cicero said...

I know I am everyone's favorite personality on this board, but my reaction to this should be obvious: hysterical, hopeful, but a pipe dream nonetheless.

There is one thing that is very true about what DV said: Bob Knight is synonymous with Indiana Basketball, just like Coach K at Duke and John Wooden at UCLA. I don't think any other programs besides these can claim a coach to be synonymous with their program.

UNC? Roy Williams has made people forget about perennial-NCAA-runner-up Dean Smith.

Kentucky? Adoph Rupp was too long ago, and both Pitino and Smith had their moments there, while Gillespee is trying to write his own legacy.

Knight with IU and Wooden with UCLA might have this distinction because no one has really come along to take the mantle from them. I guess Howland is on his way to making some nice history, but he will NEVER be halfway to 8 NCAA titles, so forget that.

Knight won 3 titles in 11 years, and not only that, he did it with color and flair, attitude, brashness, and a will to win (the right way) that may never be seen again in the college game.

Coach K, well it is just a testament to his success and the Duka aura that a current coach has become synonymous with his program, by having the court already named after him and reportedly turning down HUGE NBA coaching contracts in the process.