Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Dollar is Looking... Not So Strong

Here is a nice picture of the kind of seat you can expect at the Final Four for the mere price of $275:

What in the hell are you paying for here, the atmosphere? These people are paying $275 to look a Jumbotron of the game that is being played about 500 feet away from them at an angle that makes it vitrually impossible to see even IF you managed to get your hands on some binoculars. And there is little doubt that the feed is going to be delayed, so everytime you hear the place erupt, you have to be wondering "What the hell happened?" until 5 seconds later when you see it yourself and cheer (or boo) with your little section.

I'm sorry, but for $275 I would much rather go to Lawerence or Memphis and watch the game at a bar and get absolutely tanked with TRUE fans ($275 can go a long way at a college bar). That atmosphere would have to S-H-I-T on this (especially if you managed to pick the site of the winner). I guess it would be nice to tell the grandkids that you were in the vicinity of one of the best National Championship games in recent memory.

(Insert overused and gay "Witnessing, but not really seeing, Mario Chalmers game tying miracle 3 - Priceless Mastercard joke here)


Young Knuckleballer said...

I saw about as much of the game as those bums in the bleachers considering I was stuck in a fuckin' airport until OT.

dr. burns said...

I was in Lawrence last night and there is nowhere else I would have rather been. Fuck those shitty $275 seats.