Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seriously, go fuck yourself Brett Favre

I am at my breaking point with this guy. Over the years we've heard him glorified in the media on a level we've never seen before, despite plummeting production in the past decade. We've had to endure the ongoing saga of "will he or won't he retire" pretty much every off season. And of course last but not least, we've had to listen to announcers slurp up to Favre in every Packer game while forgetting they are actually there to announce a game, not talk about Favre for 3 hours.

So after he finally retired this spring, and the final accolades accumulated in honor of a hall of fame career, I was hopeful that was the last we heard of Favre. Reporters everywhere claimed that Favre was the type of guy "who would dissapear from public consciousness and rarely be heard of again." He was going home to Mississippi to ride his tractor and spend time with his family, and everyone was happy with that.

Unfortunately, and like so many other times in Favre's career, it seems like his retirement news conference was nothing more than a ploy for Favre to recieve the media attention he seems to so badly covet, despite constant reports to the contrary by Favre lovers like Peter King. It started last week when Sam Farmer of the LA Times reported that #4 had never officially signed retirement papers and that his agent was telling teams other than Green Bay that Favre may possibly be interested in playing for them this fall if their starter got injured. Favre vehemently denied the report, and claimed the same old excuses of how he has never been happier since his retirement decision. His name then went away for all of a week, before Brett decided to tell a reporter that he was thinking of coming back in the fall and thought he could still play in the NFL.

So where does that leave us with the most annoying quarterback ever to enter our consciousness? Well, pretty much the same place we've been with Favre every offseason over the last 5 years. Every offseason he says how he's thinking of retiring, then never really does and is glorified for returning for another year by his reporter lovers. What's so much different about this year, just the fact that he never formally retired but only recieved notoriety for holding a press conference. He also hasn't been practicing with the team, but then again he hasn't done that in the offseason the last 5 years either, being allowed to skip mandatory workouts because he needs personal time and because he is apparently a better family man than the other 65 players on the Packer roster. Finally, Favre is desperately trying to keep his name in the media and thus his ego satisfied by continuing to be cryptic with his decision to play this fall. I lambasted Terrelle Pryor for basically doing the same thing in his recruitment earlier this spring, but at least Pryor is a young 18 year old kid, Favre is doing the same thing at damn near 40 when he should have already learned something about humbleness and fairness.

It is so sickening that we are going to have to hear 3 more months of this bullshit. Every day some talking head is going to wonder whether Favre is really going to return, and Favre will happily eat up this speculation and string them all along because of his insatiable desire to remain relevant and popular in the social arena of sports. Think this story is annoying now, wait until mid-July when there's nothing else going on in sports and training camps are about to open, this shit will be played ad naseum to the point where the Terrell Owens and Roger Clemens coverage of years past will seem like a footnote on the ESPN bottom line.

I'll close this entry with a confession. When i was growing up i loved Brett Favre, pretty much because he seemed like the only guy with the sack to go up against the vaunted Dallas Cowboys, a team I've always hated. My good friend, Dan Paige, was a huge Dolphins fan and thus loved Dan Marino. We'd always argue about who was better and i would staunchly support Favre in any argument, even though Marino was the greatest quarterback alive. I haven't talked to my friend Dan in a long time, but if i could I'd let him know that I'd switched allegiances to his side in support of Marino. Favre may have his surpassed his records, and Favre may have a Super Bowl ring, but Favre is nowhere near the man Marino is. While many lamebrain's will remember Favre as some sort of deity, I'll see him as an ego-maniac who became so annoying late in his career that his playing greatness has been overshadowed by his selfish pride in the eyes of the common fan. So i'm imploring you to please just leave our lives Brett, and please realize that you can leave our public consciousness, but you will never leave the NFL record books. Isn't that good enough for you??

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young illiniwek said...

Great post. Just go away Brett.. please.