Friday, May 2, 2008

Detroit: Where Winning Happens

Before we get started, lets acknowledge the city of Detroit is a dump. Now nobody can make fun of the city because its open knowledge how crappy it is. With that said, last night proved that Detroit actually is the greatest sports city in America right now, regardless of how badly, and loudly, Boston tries to stake its claim to that title. Three huge victories in 24 hours, lets recap the events.

NBA - The Pistons finished off the Sixers in dominating fashion, 100-77, to win their first round series 4-2. While most complain that the team is lazy at times, and this is in fact true, what is also true is that no team in the league has been consistently as good for as long as the Pistons besides San Antonio. While the Celtics got all the hype this year, the Pistons had their trademark near-60 win season and seemed as primed for playoff success as they've been since Larry Brown left town. The Celtics have as good a chance to beat D-Town as anyone, but even if they do their success will still be a flash in the pan compared to the Pistons decade of Eastern Conference dominance.

NHL - Last night the Red Wings crushed long-time rival Colorado 8-2 to complete a 4 game sweep. Once again the Wings had the top team in the regular season, earned the top seed in the brutal Western Conference, and appear poised to reach the NHL finals. No team can even come close to Detroit's 15 year run in the NHL, and what makes it more amazing is that two distinct generations of talent have carried on the streak of greatness. While the first wave featured players like Steve Yzerman, Sergei Federov and Igor Larionov, the new reinvented Wings feature superstars like Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Franzen.

MLB - The third victory was the Detroit Tigers defeating the Yankees 8-4 to complete a three game sweep. It was important sign that people who were quick to write them off after a 2-10 start are looking mighty foolish now. With pitchers like Verlander and Bonderman starting to turn things around, and a bullpen that has done much better than what people thought it would, it appears as if the Tigers are going to survive a tough start and brutal schedule and become the team people thought they could and should be.

All in all a great sports night for the D, and a sign that from top to bottom, no other city can compete with present day achievements or Detroit's longevity of greatness.


Young Cicero said...

people don't remember a series sweep on May 1 or a good playoff game.

they remember championships

Young Por 'que said...

Wow, this is original. I mean, I only saw it all over ESPN today and the only reason the Tigers were mentioned was because they swept the Yanks after starting, what was it, 0-7?

Good thing the Lions don't play til September. Then you will be singing a different tune.

Young Swole said...

I don't read espn so don't accuse me of copying, i just thought it was an interesting occurrence for a city with an excellent sports scene at the present time