Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feel the Power

Tonight as I go to bed I cannot help but think I've just witnessed what will be one of the enduring baseball memories of my lifetime: Josh Hamilton absolutely CRUSHING baseball after baseball in the 2008 Home Run Derby.

The mere fact that he hit 28 home runs is enough to make it a memorable performance, but far more impressive than the number of dingers he hit is the distance he hit them. He hit at least three of those balls more than 500 ft. Granted it might not be as masterful a hitting display as this, but it sure comes close (pardon my sarcasm).

And it was nice to see him give credit to Jesus, since after Barack Obama is elected we will all have to worship his god. Unfortunately Indiana Jones will be too old to save us this time around.

As for Justin Morneau, it was truly refreshing to see a professional athlete with the self-awareness and presence of mind to realize that while he held the victor's trophy, something more special had taken place tonight. Morneau humbly accepted his trophy before quickly redirecting the spotlight on the evening's star: Josh Hamilton. Morneau, a player who I've always respected for his quiet yet successful approach to the game, not to mention his MVP-level talent, took a huge jump in my book. He's a true class act.

Hamilton's story is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling with personal problems of their own. He created for himself a hellish reality of life fraught with drug addiction and substance abuse, and then, with the help of his faith and his family, pulled himself up to become a favorite for the AL MVP, a starter for the All-Star Game, and the 2008 Home Run Derby Champion in everything but the offical records. Bravo Mr. Hamilton.

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Young Knuckleballer said...

While I'm all about an inspring story, I'm not sure the Hamilton thing really is. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and his comeback is quite miraculous...but this isn't a comeback in the normal sense. He's not returning from a freak injury or switching positions (Ankiel). This guy brought all of this shit upon himself. In the end, his performance was amazing and I can't take that away from him and hopefully it will help current drug addicts to kick the habit. Hambone is about as sweezy as they come right now and I guess that's the bottom line.

On that note, Justin Morneau is a well deserving champ. Aside from the fact that he is a Knasty Knuckleballer all-star, he is like you said a class act. Poppa Canada played the perfect strategy: fly under the radar and stay consistent. While he didn't put on the show that the great Hambino did, in the end he's the one with the trophy.

Finally, "ory, Bryden hitting one out"has become my new favorite Youtube video. That kid was clearly juicing.