Friday, January 4, 2008


The Bowl Championship Series already has more holes than Kim Kardashian...that's nothing new, but does Fox have to make it more painful by subjecting us to crappy broadcasting. The answer is...well of course, it's Fox. The Network that brought you such quality programming over the years like "American Dad" and "Temptation Island" has now promoted interns to handle the BCS games. I tried to count how many times they "accidentally" went to a commercial and changed their minds, but my pen ran out of ink. I've got a question for everyone: Do you enjoy watching hours of High School Bands play? What about a group called Bonerama (no relation to Bananarama) playing the National Anthem? That's what I thought. Play by Play was handled by Kenny Albert, the son of Marv, needs to stick to hockey. The Versus network is a good fit for his skill set. Daryl Johnston and Barry Alvarez couldn't stay on the same page and there were numerous times where the topic they were babbling about didn't match what was on the screen. The Badgers already played Barry, maybe you'll get them next year. What has happened to Jeanne Zelasko? Didn't she used to be 3 years ago. Well, clearly age is taking it's toll on her. Now she has nothing to blind us from her incredibly annoying voice. This would all be alot easier to swallow if we had a great game to watch, but despite the close score...let's be serious, the Orange Bowl was a sloppy and mostly unentertaining four quarters. The matchups in this year's BCS have been comparable to a Pats-Fins game. Fox had nothing to do with this...on the surface, but we know their evil henchman were lurking when the matchups were made. Fortunately for us, we only have to sit through one more Bowl game courtesy of our friends at Fox. Hopefully it's better than last year's game. Boo SEC, hooray beer.

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