Monday, January 28, 2008

Fireworks in Hotlanta

Most of America doesn't pay attention to hockey, but hopefully that will gradually change after the highly successful All-Star game. Young Swole who lives right by Atlanta didn't even know it was going on until I told him about it last night. The game was very exciting and neccessary for the sport to start gaining some popularity back after the great majority of it's already small fan base disappeared after the lockout. The East beat the West 8-7 on a Marc Savard Goal (he's from Boston unfortunately) with 20 seconds left in the game. The only way that the game could have been better is if Sid the Kid Crosby was a part of the festivities. It's too bad the most electrifying player in the game is out with a High Ankle sprain for at least the next two months. Plenty of other young stunners lit up the scoreboard though including Alexander Ovechkin. One of the best moments of all though, was when Commisioner Gary Bettman took the ice to give out the MVP award (won by Carolina's Eric Staal) and the entire crowd booed him loudly. I'm not saying Hockey is back like cooked crack, but this could be a good start toward repairing their image. Or...Maybe I'm just brainwashed because the AHL All-star game is being held in Binghamton, NY tonight where I'm located right now. Go B-Sens!

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Young Swole said...

Young Swole is boycotting hockey until Bettman is gone. No commissiner has ever done a worse job than him, the only way the NHL even begins to come back into the public consciousness is for him to go out to pasture and die.