Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Freestyle Exercise Olympiad

Young Taco Maker and Young Swole are always on the forefront of athletic achievement. So where others merely see an exercise ball, these 2 beer barons see opportunity. In the following pictures, you will see an epic journey through a form of greatness that can only be fueled by dat brew. (Descriptions of the sickness follow below each picture)

"Slippery Cliff like my last name's Huxtable"

"Electric Relaxtion in Argyle Sittin' on Chrome"

"Freshy Pow Pow Flare with Detroit Grime like Frank Stoney"

"No Homo Double Max Asian Frogsplash"

"Double Midnight Cowboy Brew Galore"

"Triple Ollie Espresso Fakey Prothro Twist"

"Dolly Dickin' dat what she said"

"Young Brewhound Bow Wow Scruggs Twist"

"Young 'Blasian Casual Male Winter Catalog"

"Fullerton Avenue Dank Gnar 151 splash"

"Platinum Plus Jazz Hands Bud Mackey Flip"

"Indian Style like Apache "

"Game over headfirst Wally bobble"

Photos courtesy of Young Andersen


Young Knuckleballer said...

This is the gayest fuckin post I've ever seen. You guys might as well submit this to www.ilovenuts.com

Young Cicero said...

everyone who views this becomes much more gay for doing so

Young Knuckleballer said...

I wish I had a spam blocker for gay shit like this

Young Por 'que said...

What in the blue hell was that?

Young Taco Maker said...

haters wanna hate
lovers wanna love
i dont wanna do none of the above
i want to piss on you

r. kels knows bitches love pilates