Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another Asterisk*?

Young Brew Drinkers:

Like Cicero delivering his Philippics against Mark Antony, Young Cicero has been moved to speak (or write).

The issue of the New England Patriots seems to be coming into focus. The details becoming clear. I won't rehash the facts, since Dan Wetzel's fine article does so here.

Everyone who understands that multiple Super Bowl titles and marquee wins by the Pats are now in question must also realize how tragic this is for the game. The issue of "Spygate" looks poised to rival MLB's Barry Bonds/Steroids issue in terms of potential embarrassment. Already, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) has called for Congressional hearings. Sound familiar?

The funny thing is this: The New England Patriots are the NFL's Barry Bonds. Entities with a track record not only of incredible, undeniable talent, but also a general disregard for public opinion, even to the point of being perceived as rude and caustic. This has a strange effect on fans: they love to watch because of the way the team/player plays, but justifiably dislike off-the-field behaviors. There is little difference between the types of post-game interviews given by Barry Bonds and Bill Belichick. And it creates serious love/hate feelings. For all the people rooting for the Patriots on Sunday, there will be just as many people rooting not really for the Giants, but against the Patriots.

So after the steroids era of baseball, a crippling strike in hockey, and this new football scandal called Spygate, anyone up for a game of Baseketball??


Young Swole said...

I prefer Calvinball myself. Good post Cicero, this Pats situation keeps getting grimier and grimier by the minute

Young Cicero said...

Great article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Bernie Miklasz today: