Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let the Misc. Begin

I would like to begin my bloggage by asking "does this blog make me look fat?" This is the place where my emo tears will surely fall on my laptop as I explore what its like being 14 and being the only girl in my school who likes Manson and has black hair and one of those multi-colored necklaces that spells "despair". Because I hate those preppy bitches at PE, always making fun of me because I don't dress out; for one thing, fuck PE and for another my 60 inch raver pants won't fit into my locker so really, fuck you Valerie!!!!!

Seriously though, I got this email today that I thought I should share with you fellers. It included the following pictures with the headline "little details that ruin your photos". If you've seen this before, exqueese me.

Who doesn't take pictures of Mr. Bigglesworth in front of a window while wearing no pants? 

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Young Porque said...

What... the... FUCK was that?