Monday, January 14, 2008

Terrell Owens Crying

Wow. This is a huge turnaround for TO. Was it real? It's tough to say, but at least he's not pointing the finger. Either way, what a blubbering baby. This is the biggest drama queen in all of sports.


Young Cicero said...

I freakin love this guy.

Young Porque said...

TO may be one of the most emotional players in sports, but there is no denying that this guy puts 110% into everything he does and busts his fucking ass day in and day out. I can understand his emotion here. I have nothin but respect.

Young Cicero said...

Tru That young porkey...I mean, didn't this guy (TO) play at an All-Star level with a serious injury, IN THE SUPER BOWL, a couple years ago!?!? He is for real. If he can go, he can go. He is going to rock.

And as for Romo...well you've heard of Robocop but you may never have heard of Romo-choke. He is a disaster. Sure he chucked a few TD's (except for one blown by Patrick Crayton that screwed me in Playoff Fantasy Football, that would have kept me in it along w/ Young Swole) but it was no where near enough to compete with the INCOMPREHENSIBLE Eli Manning. I mean, who saw this coming?? In defense of myself and the other two GDB colleagues who never saw it coming...Eli blows goats. But I guess not. I guess that rumor is over kinda like the "Peyton can't win the Big One" rumor we've all heard.

So the completely-overmatched G-Men move forward to take on the Packers. What the hey? This is the best matchup of historical and nostalgic players I have seen in a decade, so thank you to both of them for throwing it all out on the line. But forget you, NY Football Giants, you are completely out-classed by the Pack, the 'Boys, Holmgren's Seahawks, and probably every AFC team.

So go back to square one and try to get into the conversation for next year.

Young Knuckleballer said...

how are the giants outclassed if they are still in it and the seahawks and cowboys (the team they just beat) out??

Young Cicero said...

They just don't stack up on paper against anyone. They're like a slightly-better version of the Redskins, riding a streak of good play and maybe some emotion ("Let's get Strahan a ring) for a little while. I strongly doubt that will get them into the Super Bowl, and I'm not sure how they could win one when they all played the best games of their lives against the Patriots and still came up short.

I fully expect an overhyped Pack v. Pats Super Bowl, with about a billion Steve Young-narrated comparisons of Brady and Favre. This will be followed by a relatively uneventful game where Brady throws the ball around however he wants, whether it be big bombs to Moss or little check-down bullets to Welker, Jabar Gaffney, Kevin Faulk, and maybe even Jered from Subway. Toss in a few random TD's by Maroney and you have yourself what else but the Pats winning just like everyone knows they will.