Monday, January 21, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts

The NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans (free Bullet Proof Vest with your ticket purchase) is just coming up in a little less than a month. Today the Participants for the Dunk Contest were announced and let's just say it's kind of depressing. Here are the Blockbuster names for this year's event: Rudy Gay, Dwight Howard, Gerald Green, and Jamario Moon. It's been said a lot over the past couple of years that the Basketball Classic is dying and that may be true. Is anyone really excited for this? When your most exciting event only has 2 marquee names and 2 other guys that 3/4 of the fanbase has no clue about, you know you're in trouble. People have suggested an Old Timers game with the likes of Michael, Magic, Hakeem, and Kareem. Now that would generate some interest, it would make people reminisce about the good old days when this contest used to mean something. For now we have to disect an event that will be more hype than highlight worthy. Last year's Dunk Contest was pathetic with a mostly unknown Gerald Green winning. Dwight Howard was robbed blind. His sticker dunk was straight nasty (shown above). Both these thugs are back, but can we really expect a step up from last year...doubtful. The creativity has been sucked dry from this thing and the only prescription is more cowbell...errr Lebron. LBJ, you're killing me Smalls. Trying to take down the most freakish athlete in the sport would make this competition fun again. If you really care about improving the ratings of the All-star game, show off your skills in the Dunk Contest. If King James entered, other ballers would be willing to jump on board too. Well, enough of my shameless complaining, let's handicap this Son'vabitch.

2:1 Dwight Howard- He has the height and proved last year that he at least wants to try to win. I'm hoping that the fact that this was stolen from him last year will light a fire under his ass and he'll somehow spark a fire in this event.
3:1 Rudy Gay- This guy has completely taken off this year. He's got the Air to make this thing interesting and he loves to fire up the crowd (oh wait, there's no fans in Memphis, what am I thinking)
8:1 Gerald Green- The only reason I'm keeping him even in the same galaxy as the other 2 is because he won last year. He didn't deserve it, and that was when he was playing well. This year he has completely fallen off the map in Minnesota and I guarantee he wouldn't be in the field this year if he didn't win last year...wait maybe he would because look who else is in this thing.
15:1 Jamario Moon- This guy makes a great story. It took him 7 odd years to work his way up to the NBA after spending time in leagues from here to Europe. You gotta give him credit for trying, but he's just outclassed here. I hope he doesn't really think he has a chance.


Tom said...

haha these guys are lot more well known as dunkers than you are as a writer foo!!

Young Porque said...

Haha, burrrrrrrrrrn!

Young Knuckleballer said...

Who is this random jamoke, and why is he posting at 6 in the morning? Clearly they are more well known than all of us. Doesn't mean we can't hate on them.

Young Cicero said...

Actually I think I'm more well known than any of them except maybe Howard.