Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Oh, he still plays for IU?"

This is the response most people have when I mention D.J. White. Two broken feet and a Marco Killingsworth ago, D.J. White was the Big Ten freshman of the year and had his own theme song courtesy of Weezy F. Baby. Now, thanks to the much improved coaching of Kelvin Sampson, deciding to ditch the t-shirt under the jersey, and a wisely staying out of last year's NBA draft, D.J. is performing like the stud we all expected him to be. Anyone who doubts the fact that he is an All-American and one of top players, not just big men, in the game can look here:

This should answer any lingering questions about Big White's talent, especially for those budding sabermatricians out there.

(Thanks to Chris Engel of the Indiana Daily Student for the heads-up on this link)

I saw a great quote on ESPN regarding the Kentucky players' feelings about the Tennessee Vols last night.

"Kentucky upset the Vols 72-66 and sent the following message: We may be down, but don't disrespect us in a building that has seen more glory than Tennessee could muster in six lifetimes."

I think that message, minus the "we may be down" part, is exactly what the Hoosiers are tattooing on their opponent's foreheads this season, and for the last 29 games (all wins) at Assembly Hall.


Young Knuckleballer said...

I never get sick of IU posts, especially about my boy DJ White. This guy always puts up numbers and you never hearing him talk shit even though he definitely could. What a hustler.

Young Por 'que said...

Ha, I love the labels too. "Winning", "Dominance".

With our inside-outside combo in DJ and EJ, plus our in your face, improving D and a growing sense of confidence among this squad, watch out world for the HOOSIERS

Young Cicero said...

The Hoosiers are like a dominant boxer with an unstoppable 1-2 punch.

Young Swole said...

OK first of all Kentucky needs to stfu about tradition. The same tradition that caused them to be sanctioned numerous times, or keep a noted racist for coach who woulnt play black players, or lose at home to storied Gardner-Webb, or fire tubby smith basically because their fans were sick of seeing a black guy do well. Tradition means jack shit in college basketball now and you all know that.

IU is looking good but beating Iowa is nothing to brag about. Wait til they play MSU before throwing around tags like dominance.

Young Cicero said...

Ok furburgers why don't you get your info from somewhere other than the movie "Glory Road."

Just because Central Michigan and UGA don't have any basketball tradition to speak of doesn't mean you need to try and tear down legit programs that do.

Young Knuckleballer said...

I'm pretty sure UGA has a football team though, and I'm pretty sure they would crush IU. Also, Furry went to Western Michigan...but he is still a jamoke. Also, the reason they kept Rupp was because he's a winner. Bob Knight is also ludicrous and unstable and we kept him. I hate Kentucky and I think they are nothing but a bunch of pussys, but you can't deny that they are a top 5 all time College Basketball Program...behind IU of course.

Young Por 'que said...

Since when does UGA having a football team have anything to do with this post?

IU has a sick soccer team, so it is now IU - 2 UGA - 1.