Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Worldwide Leader Strikes Again

From the company that brought you thrilling, high quality entertainment such as "Who's Now" comes the segment everyone is talking about... Ok, maybe it isn't THAT big of deal, and it really isn't even new. By now I am sure that everyone has seen on ESPN's front page the "Featured Comment" where they post a comment by a person with an account who makes said comment on some discussion board. Sometimes there are decent comments, but the majority of the time I find myself laughing hysterically with friends over what is featured.

So today I was in a spirited and heated debate under the "Power 16" discussion in college basketball. I was repping Indiana as is a typical thing for me to do while I am at work, and some moron decides to post who he thinks are the "Teams to Be Feared in the NCAA Tournament". Somehow, it became the featured comment. Anyways, here is his contribution:

Wow. How insightful. You are picking Kansas, Memphis, UCLA, UNC, Duke, Tennessee, Washington State, and Georgetown to be feared in the NCAA Tournament. How did you come up with such perceptive thoughts? I know, I bet you took a look at the current Top 10 in the country and just picked 8 of them. Good plan. You would fit in PERFECTLY with the other ass clowns at ESPN and their picks. Although, to really fit in, I think you would have to also consider the Yanks and the Sox to be contenders to come away with the National Title.

I'm not really sure what this random thought is supposed to accomplish, but what the hell man? How is that a featured comment? Who moderates this shit, a class of 4th graders? I guess this is more of a cry for help for ESPN. ESPN used to be one of the most credible sources for sports information, insight, and updates. Now, you can get better information from chat rooms and blogs like Deadspin and Gimme Dat Brew. The Worldwide Leader is beginning to fall off faster than Shaq from his prime. If you need further proof, look no further than the joke of a program known as Sportscenter. I'm sorry, but I'm not really interested in watching a panel of non-sports "authorities" judge athletes on the made-up and asinine credential of who is "more now".

Dear ESPN,

Please get better soon. We miss insightful information and highlights from teams that are NOT on the east coast. Miss you dearly.

Every Sports Fan in America

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