Friday, January 25, 2008

NBA Street 2K8

It worked for hockey... so why shouldn't basketball give it a try? The Phoenix Suns are amid plans to have the first "sanctioned" NBA game to be played outside. The site, Indian Wells Tennis Garden In California, seats approximately 16,100 and the game is expected to be played in the preseason. The opponent has yet to be determined.

The deal, which is far enough along that the site has been visited by team officials and a floor been laid out, is expected to be announced within the next month.

Said CEO and president Rick Welts: "It's a completely unique experience," Welts said. "We like to do new and exciting things. I think it would be remarkably successful."

"It's going to be incredibly cool," Welts predicted, according to the Republic.

Well said Mr. Welts, well said and I agree. I think this would bring a fun, interesting aspect to NBA games. Every team had 2-3 "home" games to be played outside. The NBA season runs long enough that games could be played in warmer climates during the winter (Los Angelos, Phoenix, Houston, Miami) and then as things get warmer, finish with games in the colder areas (Detroit, Boston, Minnesota). Come on Stern, let's make things happen!

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