Monday, February 4, 2008

College Basketball Power 10

The upsets keep pouring on in college sports. The victims this past week include Kansas, Indiana and Michigan State. Duke-UNC Round 1 coming on Wed. and if that isn't enough to get your juices flowing, yo boy Dickey-V is making his return to broadcasting after surgery JUST to watch the Dookies play BABY! (No one saw that coming right, no one).

1.) Memphis Tigers

Can this team go undefeated? The regular season schedule says yes. Come tourney time? Ehhh, not so sure.

2.) Duke Blue Devils

Quietly crept up to number 2 in the polls. Time to seperate the men from the boys this week in a huge matchup at UNC.

3.) Kansas Jayhawks

What I CAN accept - losing to an underrated and (at the time) on fire KSU squad led by the one man show Michael Beasley...

4.) UNC Tarheels

... What I CAN'T accept (still) is losing to Maryland at home then getting by FSU in OT. Put up or shut up this Wed for the 'Heels (Stuart Scott must be pissing down his leg as we speak).

5.) Tennessee Volunteers

I just don't understand why Tennessee isn't taking as much shit as other teams (like those in the Big 10) when they play in an equally bad conference (if not worse) and have one (maybe two) quality wins and a blowout loss to Texas. Someone explain to me the difference between UT and say... Indiana? MSU?

6.) UCLA Bruins

Easily the most dangerous team. So much depth will make them a favorite to make it to their 3rd straight Final Four.

7.) Georgetown Hoyas

Was that goaltending? Probably. It's too late to change that though. They win (which is important), but can you show me a solid team they have beaten?

8.) Wisconsin Badgers

A not-so-bad loss coupled with a good win at home keeps the Badgers in the Big Ten race (for what seems like the 15th straight year).

9.) Stanford Cardinals

This team has been playing as hot as anyone over the past few weeks. Still in the Pac 10 title hunt.

10.) Butler Bulldogs

Could it be because they play in an inferior conference, or could it be that they really are that good (like last year's Sweet 16 run proved)? All I know is that this team is making a strong case for being the best team in Indiana right now.

Also receiving votes: Indiana Hoosiers, Texas Longhorns, Kansas State Wildcats (regardless of that Mizzou let down), and Michigan State Spartans


Young Cicero said...

A most excellent breakdown. Just this morning in the shower I thought to myself "If I were to make an NCAA BBall top ten, I'd probably have to put the Hoosiers on the outside looking in."

dr. burns said...

young illiniwek said...

dr burns,

The team I talked of last week was the '00-'01 Illinois team who beat KU by 16 in the Sweet 16.. thanks