Monday, February 4, 2008

Say It Ain't So!

Reports are that Bob Knight, the winningest coach in men's D1 history, has resigned from his head coaching position at Texas Tech, with his protege (and son), Pat, taking over effective immediately.

There has been no reason given as of yet for the resignition.

Say it ain't so Bobby! It would be a damn shame if this Hall of Fame career ended in such an unexpected and random way. All I can hope for is that at some point, the two sides of Robert Montgomery Knight and Indiana University can set aside their differences and give The General the recognition that he deserves for taking this program to the elite level it is today. Assembly Hall should be renamed to the Robert Montgomery Knight Center from this point forward.

If not, I intend to start a petition to fire Kelvin Sampson and rehire Mr. Knight and bring back IU to national dominace!

(Had to throw out the old school, retro Bobby Knight picture with the extra short shorts)


Young Cicero said...

Perhaps this is just the first phase of a master plan to bring The General himself back to his old battleground - Assembly Hall.

1. RMK resigns from TTech
2. Kelvin Sampson is dismissed by IU after repeated recruiting violations and allowing The Hoosiers to lose to UConn at home.
3. When Michigan State travels to Bloomington on Feb. 16th, Young Cicero watches the team take the court, the lights go out, smoke and red lights pipe out of the tunnel entrance, and Knight marches over to the bench while Pearl Jam's "Alive" blazes over the loudspeakers at an ear-splitting volume. All this takes place while a highlight reel of Coach's finest moments plays on the insanely-huge scoreboard display.

I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Young Swole said...

Those shorts were wild homo. And guys, let Knight retire in peace so he can shoot whoever he wants when he goes hunting. Sampson is fine for IU, leave Knight in the past where he belongs

Young Knuckleballer said...

Good Bye Coach Knight. You were an amazing coach, but I think now was the right time to step aside. The Lady Techsters were going nowhere this year and the General is too old to rile up the troops for another battle in the Big 12. Bobby did many great things for IU, but the school also did wonders for his career. It's sad that he refuses to talk about the school anymore. I can understand why he's upset, but don't forget about the Hoosiers, Coach Knight. There will always be a place for you in our hearts, Young Bitch Smacker.