Monday, February 4, 2008

Local Flavor

One thing I always like to do before a game I'm very interested in is to read the local news from the two teams' home towns. I do this by browsing the school newspaper of whichever team IU happens to be playing, or by reading the home papers of other NL Central teams to see how they feel about my Redbirds.

Today there are two articles you should definitely check out soon:

An absolutely ruthless article by St. Louis favorite Bernie Miklasz, basically demanding the 2002 Lombardi Trophy for the Rams.


A horrible narrative by "Around the Horn" also-ran Jackie MacMullen, lamenting the tragic ending to the Patriots' pursuit of 19-0.

Both pretty much embody the arguments on opposing sides of the Patriots legacy from this decade.

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young illiniwek said...


La Russa and Belichick are good buddies. Belichick even wore a Cardinals' La Russa jersey to a press conference once. They deserve each other.

Go Cubs.