Wednesday, February 6, 2008

National Media drops the ball again

As Young Swole went to sleep last night, he feared the news that would follow once daybreak came to the southeast. After last nights vicious rounds of severe storms throughout the south, death was a certainty. And now as the death toll from the storms rises to near 50 across 4 states, the scope of the situation sadly becomes even more impressive. This storm outbreak will be one of the worst in recorded history in terms of casualty of life regardless of time of year. Usually February is a calm severe weather month, with only 29 tornadoes on average across the entire country for the whole month which is much less than the spring and summer months, and yet last night that monthly averaged was at least three times as great with near 100 tornadoes being reported.

So in the wake of one of the worst severe weather outbreaks in recent years, Young Swole was expecting extensive coverage on the situation, (one he may add that has not ended yet, there will be more storms, more tornadoes and possibly more loss of life today) but instead he got the same old bullshit from the news media as he always does. His Swoleness is well aware that Super Tuesday was yesterday, an important marker on the path towards presidential elections. He also knows that after yesterday's results, the situation in both parties is still undecided, with many more months of primaries to come before each party selects its presidential candidate. Therefore, don't you think the focus of news coverage should focus on an event occurring in the present instead of an event that will not be concluded for months and months? By continuing their mission to overwhelm the American public with blind speculation and unfounded predictions, the news media in our country not only ignored a tragic event, not only insulted the victims of the storms, but also ignored the one thing that is constant in all our lives: the weather in the skies above us.

Young Swole can guarantee that the presidential election psycho-babble will still be ongoing tomorrow afternoon. Young Swole can also sadly guarantee that thousands of people's lives will be altered by yesterday's storms and also possibly today's. You can choose for yourself which story you think is more important, but if you think the greed and corruption-filled election process is more important than the events taking place across the southeast today, then you need to take a step back and once again come to grip with reality. Well, either that or go apply for a job at CNN or NBC.


Young Taco Maker said...

yeah but wolf blitzer covered the storms last night for about 1 minute. thats 1 whole minute in the situation room, and you know wolf don't fuck around in the situation room.

he was like "lets cut to breaking news, where dozens are dead across the south" and then a few seconds later he was back to "and the voters in montana seem to be worried about the impending shortage of sour cream facing their state"

stewart/colbert 08 bitches

Young Knuckleballer said...

If Young Swole could have sex with a storm cloud, he would.