Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vindication is Spelled E-L-I

As a Colts fan, naturally I would rather have seen Peyton and Co. take out the Pats en route to another Super Bowl victory. But one Manning is as good as another. We have officially seem the Eli Manning coming out party.

I guess all the talk about Spygate and the asterisks are unnecssary now. Was THAT the greatest team in NFL history? Just curious.

There is still absolute shock at that amazing scramble by Eli... Eli-FREAKING-Manning, to avoid the sack and then that amazing catch by David Tyree to keep the game going.

Good night Patriots! There is always next year.

Greatest upset in NFL history? I think so...

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Young Knuckleballer said...

That picture is hilarious. The Boston Globe is going to be out millions on that book...not only from the money it took to bankroll the project, but also in the lost revenue from the book sales. Boston is a city of Bitches.