Monday, February 4, 2008

A Giant Upset

Un-fuckin'-believable. I can't describe to you the emotions going on in this town right now. I'm in Binghamton, New York...a couple hours west of NYC, but the this city is still overflowing with Giants Fans. I had to put together my sportscast while the game was going on, but it was just too damn difficult. In the 4th quarter, I completely stopped everything I was doing and watched with the other 8 people working in the station as the New York Football Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl History. Who honestly thought they could do it. Even in Giant country, most of the fans gave them little chance. When Brady hit Moss in the end zone to put the Pats up with 2 minutes to go, who really thought Eli was going to lead his team to a game winning touchdown? Eli Manning has hopefully silenced most of the doubters and solidified himself as the franchise quarterback in New York. He's no Peyton, but he's still a pretty damn good QB. He totally deserved that MVP trophy. I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bored through the first three quarters, but I gotta say that the 4th quarter made the game one of the best in the history of the league. I know that's saying a lot considering it was so low scoring, but there have been few moments in my sports viewing life that I have been so on the edge of my seat (or in this case, clawing the edge of my sports desk). You could have cut the tension with a knife in that room. You couldn't have written a better ending. Sure, plenty of Pats fans out there wanted to see the Perfect season, and man are they ready to kill themselves right now. Speaking of Depression, how about Bill Bellichek. In his post game interview, he looked like he was about to have a break down. You gotta feel bad for the guy, right? Nahh. It's pretty crazy for me though. I'm not a bandwagon fan. I've always rooted for my pathetic Lions. Watching the Giants incredible run through the playoffs though, it was hard not to get swept up in the hysteria of Big Blue. For a game that had blowout potential written all over it, this turned out to be one for the ages. Oh, and Plaxico Burress looks like a genius now for predicting the 23-17 win for New York. Smug Tom Brady probably feels pretty foolish for scoffing at that one. Well, I need to go to bed, I've got an 11 hour car ride to Bloomington, Indiana tommorrow. So this will be my last post for the week unless I feel extra motivated.

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