Saturday, February 9, 2008

Spam Poetry

I keep getting these bizarre spam emails that have totally ridiculous non-sequiturs all over the place. this is the exact text as it appeared in my inbox

On by sheep, and with the largest and reddest on my knees
with a dustpan and brush?' cherry a she. There's a she somewhere
dodging about in only, but from our very hearts. Allow us
then set in a small oval pale face. With such coloring,
and an elevation of sentiment and mind extremely pretty
little smile, and he, having returned to going into this
with my eyes closed. I am not by the want of it. Judge men
by what they do, of protection, and gave him just sufficient
courage pebble, which had been used for grinding it, the
shoulders but did not answer. He 'there is one so you will
have to stir your precious self, responded that made sydney
cry, you are not hurt? That snag hat with solemnity and
moved away. And joe's never.

1 comment:

Young Swole said...

This is what Lil Wayne sounds like without that lean in his cup